Weingarten 1897


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September 2019
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Modern guest concept

A state-of-the-art guesthouse with four individual holiday apartments and imposing grounds. For this purpose, a 1000 square meter property with its 120-year-old former winegrower's house was redesigned and rebuilt.

Hospitality Design: Gästehaus Eingang - Aussenansicht Fassade
Hospitality Design: Ausblick Ferienwohnung - Weinberg

Holiday apartments of a special kind

The interior design concept was to combine the history and tradition of the location with modern design, always with a view to a harmonious interior design with a high feel-good factor and maximum comfort for the guests - converted into four apartments each with its own character.

The apartments, each for themselves and in the overall arrangement with courtyard, wine cellar and outdoor lounge, exude special charm. Thus, the guesthouse received a pioneering unique position in the market of holiday accommodations on the Moselle.

Hospitality Design: Ferienapartments im Weingarten 1897 - Aussenansicht Ferienhaus
Hospitality Design: Ferienapartments im Weingarten 1897 - Aussenansicht Eingang Türrahmen 1897

Tradition, rethought

The history and earlier designation of the property should remain perceptible. Therefore, all sorts of structural substance and typical equipment of the former winery were integrated into the concept: A wine cellar pedestal with a large storage room was preserved. On it the ca. 30 sqm outdoor lounge invites guests to chill out and have a barbecue. A piece of the adjoining vineyard serves as a cozy garden oasis, and in the courtyard with its old traverses and cables of the former winery there is a picturesque place for snack after a hike.

When it comes to interior design as well, the old substance was left where possible, refurbished and integrated into the contemporary, comfortable living design.

Hospitality Design: Ferienapartments im Weingarten 1897 - Detail Terrasse Seilwinde Flaschenzug

Hospitality Design: Ferienhaus Weingarten 1897 - Querschnitt Haus

Interior design: four favorite places

Storytelling as a source of inspiration and a feel-good moment: The four cozy apartments in different sizes and style languages ​​continue to spin the history of the place and tell through their detailed interior decoration of the - imaginary - residents of the house.

Kitti Schwenke

Hospitality Design: Ferienwohnung Kitti Schwenke - Eingang mit Blick auf Wohnbereich

The cozy little apartment Kitti Schwenke on the ground tells of Kitti, an imaginary inhabitant of the house, who loved rosé in the summer and in the winter turned to red wine. The interior of the apartment suits both and is equipped with everything you need for a short trip or a spontaneous expedition.

Hospitality Design: Ferienwohnung Kitti Schwenke - Bett mit Serviertablett
Hospitality Design: Ferienwohnung Kitti Schwenke - Küche mit Blick auf Schlafbereich

Hospitality Design: Ferienwohnung Lucy und Moritz - Aussenbereich & Terrasse
Hospitality Design: Ferienwohnung Lucy und Moritz - Wohnbereich mit Couch und Beistelltisch

Lucy und Moritz von Breitenfeld

In the apartment Lucy and Moritz von Breitenfeld it is easy to see that you are dealing with connoisseurs: green painted walls provide rest and relaxation, Moritz’ kitchen is ideal for cooking and the covered outdoor lounge invites you to enjoy the outside.

Hospitality Design: Ferienwohnung Lucy und Moritz - Essbereich und Küche
Hospitality Design: Ferienwohnung Lucy und Moritz - Schlafbereich

Gesa Himmelreich

Hospitality Design: Ferienapartment Gesa Himmelreich - Schlaf- und Wohnbereich
Hospitality Design: Ferienapartment Gesa Himmelreich - Badezimmer mit Badewanne

In Gesa Himmelreich’s apartment - under the roof with partially exposed original roof beams and a state-of-the-art bathroom, whose walls are made of old planks of the building – you will live carelessly, with comfort and a head in the clouds.

Hospitality Design: Ferienapartment Gesa Himmelreich - Küche mit Essbereich

Hospitality Design: Ferienapartments im Weingarten 1897 - Innenansicht Flur Detail Treppe

Fritzi Bur

As a captain of cargo ships, Fritzi has seen almost every country in the world before settling down as a fisherman on the Moselle. From his many travels, he has collected a lot in his fisherman's lounge. Whether browsing in the well-stocked library, as a retreat for working on the laptop or even just to stare at the ceiling in front of the warm fireplace with the evening wine - the cozy little apartment offers real inspiration.

Hospitality Design: Ferienwohnung Fritzi - Muster
Hospitality Design: Ferienwohnung Fritzi Bur - Wohnbereich mit Couch und Tisch

Hospitality Design: Ferienhaus Weingaten 1897 - Logo

Communication concept analog x digital

A special ambience needs accentuated communication: kplus konzept developed a communication concept for Weingarten 1897 from a single source. A corporate design, which has been transferred to all communication elements, helps to make the guesthouse authentic, making every guest's stay a perfect and memorable one. The design concept of the communication media speaks the same emotional language as the guest apartments.

Website: Inspiration and Functionality

Hospitality Design: Ferienapartment Weingarten Web Design - Apple Geräte Website

The website, one of the guest's first touchpoints with an object, conveys all the information the guest needs to get a first impression of the object; transparent and easy to understand. The object is atmospheric and unadulterated - guests want to find what they were promised and not start with a sense of disappointment on vacation. Functions such as booking options, contacting etc. are integrated.

Professional photography

For the marketing of a hotel or vacation object on all channels an extensive pool of good photo motives is indispensable. Tourists and travelers are guided by impressions on Instagram & co when choosing their accommodation. The image-heavy social media presence must be considered as an integral part of a communication concept in the hospitality sector.

Hospitality Design: Ferienwohnung Kitti Schwenke - Küche mit Utensilien
Hospitality Design: Ferienhaus Weingarten 1897 - Aussenansicht Terrasse Blumentöpfe
Hospitality Design: Ferienwohnung Lucy und Moritz - Einrichtung Details
Hospitality Design: Ferienhaus Weingarten 1897 - Terrasse Weintraube

Brand Design for Places & People

Complete brand communication from one source, which remains present in the hearts: This is the mission of kplus konzept, the owner-managed agency with head office and studio in Düsseldorf and an office in Leipzig. With a lot of know-how, the kplus team of interior designers, product designers, graphic designers and communication specialists realizes the values and visions of companies, brands, malls, retailers and restaurateurs - from the first idea to implementation in all media, including interior design.

Please don't hesitate to call us for any further information: phone +49-211-695018-72 or mail to steigman@kplus-konzept.de. We look forward to hearing from you!

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