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300 m²
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Basement Rathaus Center Pankow

Covering an area of around 30,000 square meters with 80 stores, the Rathaus-Center fulfills all shopping and culinary wishes under one roof. Its central location also makes the location a hub for the surrounding parks, cultural and commercial sites. This fork became the leitmotif for our graphic and communication design in the public areas.
Pankow stands for the attractive mix of nature, culture and industry in the middle of Berlin. In the heart of the district lies the Town Hall Center. Together with our client, the DI Gruppe, the center is getting a new look step by step, the modernization in the basement has now been completed after a good three months of renovation work during ongoing operation.

At the fork keep to the left

Finished in all dimensions, it is sometimes green, sometimes brown, sometimes as a cut-out on wood and on mirror foil or on the various wall coverings. The graphic pattern is the leitmotif in the entire basement area of about 300 square meters, from the elevator areas to the completely redesigned restrooms. Even the wayfinding system skilfully picks up the motif. The entrance to the toilets, high-quality designed on black lacquered glass, gives a touch 70er-style and shows, as well as the ceiling signs and the lounge zone, in soft, organic forms, which ensures a feel-good atmosphere throughout the basement. 

Lots of service for a high quality stay

The feel-good ambience is framed by our sophisticated lighting concept. In the lounge, spots and stripes on the ceiling refer back to the guiding topic of the fork. They can also be found in the restrooms, where the lights discreetly set accents on every door and every mirror, much like in a star hotel.

Stylish and comfortable: the restrooms in the Rathaus-Center. Also designed in warm tones of colour and wood and with individual wall graphics, black pictograms provide stylish orientation. Handbag holders, magnifying mirrors and the additional, low-lying washbasin offer all the comfort for tall, small and wheelchair users. And even the infants were thought: A separate room with a resting place, changing table, microwave and bottle warmer provides the right setting for relaxed parental care.

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