If you take a trip..

then you’ll experience something” – this beautiful quote by Matthias Claudius is now regarded as already 228 years ago. Travel broadens the mind and creates memories for the rest of life. This also applies to the employees of kplus konzept who were traveling recently in Africa and the USA and share their impressions here. The experiences have also incited us to design a completely different travel agency, also inspired by a congress visit, where the future right of existence of travel agencies has been discussed.

DakarSenegal in the “Sub-Saharan Africa” – that sounds exotic. Strange and yet fraught with a certain charm. At the same rhythm and certainties of living in an affluent society are put to the test, bring to a certain extent a “reset” on the human initial state. After a few days in the in May still prevailing well-tempered humidity of the capital Dakar, surrounded by sound and spray of the Atlantic surf, the call of the muezzin (in the morning at half past five!) and soothing singsong of the Wolof language, the encounter with warm, communicative and optimistic people, getting used to the new feeling of walking on unpaved, sandy roads and to new stimuli to the taste buds – fish and meat fresh brought from the sea or from the chicken farm, coupled with heavy flavoured sauces – to the great energy that the many children and young society radiates on every corner, in short, after all the human senses have been re-recorded, then you are also at the same time run down of pace and tone of the old continent. And then one discovers the pleasure of shopping, as it has been once and as it is also reflected today over here in creative new retail concepts.

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of! – New York
You can understand this always exciting metropolis and its influence on the world of creative only if you go there yourself and wake up there. It is the ambition to make everything always a bit bigger, higher and better than anywhere else, that makes New York so spectacular and contributes to a particular lifestyle. The kplus konzept managers had the pleasure to discover new locations, after their presentation on multi-sensory experience worlds on the Scentworld Congress in NYC.