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"The Minto-Interior in Mönchengladbach - a New Living Space to Feel Good"


Back to the City: With the opening of the new shopping mall on 26 March in Mönchengladbach, a landmark for better quality of life in the City was set. With its 4 star shopping concept The Minto presents a futuristic shopping experience and an outstanding quality of habitat; urban design, comfortable, inviting, enjoyable, sensuous and magical, coupled with premium services and convenience in all public areas. In short, a customer trip for all the senses.

kplus konzept designed and implemented the complete interior design of the mall: from the multi-sensory `Highlight Facades’, the rest areas in the boulevards, the Food court (Minto’s Deli), to the signage in the mall and the car parks as well as for the lift lobbies and toilets.

“The Minto sets new standards, also for the retailers in the pedestrian zone,” said the Lord Mayor of Mönchengladbach Hans Wilhelm Reiner in an interview with kplus konzept at the opening ceremony. He especially liked the attention to detail, the design for all the senses, evident in the colours and shapes of the interior design. “It’s nothing artificial, not like a spaceship has landed, but a new living space to feel good has emerged “.

Star chef Nelson Müller, culinary host for the pre-opening in the Food court, was also impressed: “Here were specialists at work, great! An exciting mix of materials, an open design in which one can see the chefs in action. Very well done! ”

kplus konzept Managing Directors Bettina and Markus Kratz summarize: “For three years we have put all our expertise and passion into the development of this extraordinary and pioneering project. We are grateful to the developers mfi AG for their courage to forge these new paths into Mall Interior design.”…

The complete press release with concept details can be found in the sidebar.

About kplus konzept:

Distinctive store designs, multi-sensory brand communication, pioneering worlds of experiences for shopping centres, exciting interiors for healthcare and hospitality – these are the themes of the kplus konzept GmbH. The mall operators mfi AG, and well known store chains such as Esprit, Tayler or Santander Bank, are among their customers. Founded in Düsseldorf in 2005, it is run by the interior designer Bettina Kratz, and the communication designer and photographer Markus Kratz. The team of 20 employees comprises interior designers, communication, product, 3D and web designers, as well as writers and photographers. The paramount premise for a complete brand communication service from one single source.

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