You cannot not communicate!*

The Indian mall operator  is quite amazed – the more than 30 species of plants in front of his eyes flavour of jungle, a fly buzzing around his head, just it was as bright as day, now the night is falling. Right next to him, the Danish architect climbs down the ladder with a “wow!” just returning from the 70s plush world with lava lamps, big band sound and Candy fragrance, while the Austrian shop owner just got out of the techno universe with kaleidoscopic optical effects and surprised to arrive in here and now again.

Three theme worlds, staged in three multi-sensory boxes à 88 x 88 cm, caused an uncontrollable reflex to discover them by climbing the ladders, and created a big hype on only 18 square meters and an endless queue of curious visitors.

The first EuroShop trade show participation of kplus konzept under the motto “DISCOVER NEW SPACES” was to establish the brand in the target group. The appeal to all the senses through the use of different tactile elements, optical effects and well-composed fragrance and soundscapes was certainly one of the most challenging parts of the communication tasks.

The visual communication found its expression in the complete stand design developed as an extension of the trademark kplus konzept. Of equal importance: the media integration: The visual language of “DISCOVER NEW SPACES” continues in all media, in digital presentations on the various screens and as logo banner in newsletters, press releases and flyers. The Press was served with a digital information folder including the option to request fragrance and sound samples of the multi-sensory staging on the booth. A short, fast-paced video of the stand was created and was sent to all prospects.

On Facebook the daily the progress of the stand construction was documented and it was tweeted frequently. Exclusively for the trade show participation, a 50 pages bilingual plus magazine was launched, including personal tips on going out for visitors as a fair special. With Julian Treasure, the CEO of our partner Sound Agency, kplus konzept arranged press events on “Sounds in Retail”. CD branded water bottles served as giveaway  and branded T-shirts helped for the rapid identification of the stand staff.

Successful all-round brand communication from one single source! When do you take off with us?

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*Paul Watzlawick

  • Date: 4. November 2014
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