Vinotheque Heinrichshof, Zeltingen, Germany

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Weingut Heinrichshof, Peter und Ulrich Griebeler
Zeltingen, Germany
August 2021
Interior-Concept Vinotheqe with Brand-Showroom, Design, Storytelling, Planning und Conversion


kplus konzept, Vinothek Heinrichshof, Hospitality Design

Feel-Good Place with Wine

A place for the - partially award-winning - wines of the Heinrichshof winery on the Mosel, a cozy vinotheque for large and small groups and space for wine seminars: For the first floor in the former family villa of the winegrowing family, kplus konzept developed a communicative spatial concept consisting of a brand showroom, a vinotheque and a tasting counter, which draws a connection from the tradition of the winery to the innovations of the 'new' Heinrichshof.


Driving Force for Modernization

The Heinrichshof winery in Zeltingen-Rachtig is now one of the driving forces of modernization in the Moselle region. Since the two sons Peter and Ulrich Griebeler, both extensively trained and well-traveled in viticulture, took over their parents' business in 2014 as the tenth generation, a modernization course has been implemented step by step: The area under cultivation was increased, sustainable viticulture was introduced and the farm was expanded according to quality criteria. This, but also the long tradition of the outstanding winery, is reflected in the room concept.


Nuances of Wine

The interior concept is based on the Moselle region and its raw materials and colors: Green like vine leaves, red from red wine and rosé, yellow like the Moselle sun. Tiles in slate look on the floor - the slate rock in the vineyard brings the minerality into the wine. Modern, straight-lined furniture, rustic-modern oak tables and chairs as well as individual rarities and exhibits such as historical photographs of the winegrowing family, certificates and medals or an old bottle corker from the 70s. - The concept plays with the typical "wine-ity", but translates it into modernity: The result is a cozy "wine bar" that raises the tradition of the winery to the lifestyle level of the present.

kplus konzept, Vinothek Heinrichshof, Hospitality Design


kplus konzept, Vinothek Heinrichshof, Hospitality Design

Entrance with Labeling

The vine-covered pergola in the villa's front garden serves as a 'time tunnel': the guest strips off everyday life and dives into the realm of Heinrichshof wines.

The entrance welcomes the guest with the large-scale panoramic motif of the local vineyards, which also adorns the wine labels of Heinrichshof. - The customer enters and dives directly into the world of the winery, the wine brand Heinrichshof becomes a vivid 3D experience.

kplus konzept, Vinothek Heinrichshof, Hospitality Design


kplus konzept, Vinothek Heinrichshof, Hospitality Design

Cabinets for Wines and Well-Being.

The large guest room with about 20 seats for larger wine tastings, seminars and other events, a space for info, didactics and enjoyment. The picture gallery shows the history of the Heinrichshof, a monitor provides technical support for the wine seminars. The benches were equipped with comfortable cushions that dampen the acoustics in the large room. A window seat was set up in the large window, a kind of "window alcove" to let the senses wander while enjoying a glass of wine with the best view of the Moselle. From the outside, the preview window at the front of the house gives a taste from afar of what awaits inside.

The small salon is another small guest room with six seats for private tastings and the like. The red tone of the walls alludes to the Heinrichshof's award-winning red wine.

In the sales room, a large tasting counter with wine cabinet is ready for spontaneous tastings.

kplus konzept, Vinothek Heinrichshof, Hospitality Design


Vintner Toilets

The cellar with the sanitary rooms also has authentic vintner spirit. With classic terrazzo tiles, wooden shuttering as toilet doors and an original wall made of old quarry stone, from which houses were traditionally built in the region. Equipped with modern sanitary facilities, the charming contrast of tradition and zeitgeist is repeated here as well.

kplus konzept, Vinothek Heinrichshof, Hospitality Design


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