Tischlein Deck’ Dich (the Wishing-Table)





Markus Richter, Leipzig, Germany
Paunsdorf: 95qm total/ 65qm guest room / 33 seats
HaB: 110qm total / 90qm guest room / 44 seats
Interior Design

Enchanting design for "Tischlein Deck Dich" in Leipzig

"Deck yourself", said the fellow, "and all was there that his heart desired." As inviting as the table in Grimm's fairy tale, so is the new interior concept developed and implemented by kplus konzept for Leipzig restaurant owner Markus Richter. Opened in July 2018 in the Paunsdorf Center, here (a space of 95 sqm for 33 guests) you can enjoy tasty home-style cuisine. A short time later a second catering unit with 110 sqm was opened in the Höfe am Brühl. Further locations are also planned.

"And so it was covered, with the most beautiful, richly filled bowls"

The scene of the fairy tale - a magical table, a rustic inn in the woods, a kid and a donkey - this was the basis for the design concept. The urban traveller is received in the cosy ambience of a quaint inn with rough wooden panels, simply upholstered wooden benches and bottle-green painted walls. This is also reflected in the menu: wholesome dishes like your mother used to make. The protagonist in the design is the classic red and white kitchen tea-towel.

In Tischlein Deck Dich however, this kitchen classic has become a surprising eye-catcher because instead of being on a table, it's been conjured up onto the ceiling. It also receives special appreciation in picture frames and porcelain. Hung from wooden strips are essential kitchen utensils, made of wood and iron like from bygone years. A collection of plates displayed on the wall is also a charming memory from the past, and the donkey's head, softly illuminated by vintage lamps, has the room and its bustling guests attentively in view.

"Entree, dear friends” into Tischlein Deck Dich, designed by kplus konzept.

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