Not another lounge with deep-pile carpet and generic pictures on the walls! For the Net Generation area at Höfe am Brühl as well as for the basement in the Köln Arcaden, kplus konzept developed the QR Lounge including internet portal.

While you’re waiting for your friends you can scan in 116 QR respectively 105 codes with your smartphone. This reveals exciting information (which we at kplus konzept generated and provided the content for) about the tenants and their offers, about background designs for smartphones for download, the history of the location, regularly updated competitions, and styling and beauty tips. In the Köln Arcaden variegated big stickers inviting to upcoming mall events invite to be scanned.

We designed and programmed the logo and website to match, and are now maintaining it too.


  • Date: 14. October 2013
  • Skills: Lounge Design, Web Design
  • Client: Unibail Rodamco
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