Talking Walls!

Your room as brand ambassador: wall and floor design are an ideal – but also economical – projection surface to play selected topics, to give inspiration and, often, provide guidance at the same time.

Our communication designers gave vent to their creativity and created great wall stories from a gummy bears shop to practice walls up to mall corridors.

You sell gummy bears? We let the bears party on the ceiling, welcoming customers in wine gum paradise!

Your mall has got dull elevator lobbies or restroom corridors? Then let’s see what solutions we found with the refurbishment in the Riem Arcaden.

Temporary residents of a rehab clinic are to be inspired and set in motion? We have well used the pillars and corridors of the interior!

Feel in good hands in a doctor’s office? Our comic motif wall in a psychotherapeutic practice welcomes its little visitors in a special way.

Your brand designed as a spatial extension on your exhibition booth? Look how floor and wall can make a mark!

  • Datum: 14. März 2017
  • Leistung: Wallpaper Design
  • Kunde: various
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