Steibs Hof, Leipzig, Germany


MVGM Property Management Deutschland GmbH
Leipzig, Steibs Hof, Nikolaistraße 28, Germany
Signage-System – Analysis, Design, Realization


Valuable Signage

kplus konzept developed a logically structured signage along the guest journey. Tenant boards, steles, wall signs and bell systems were designed and implemented in a uniform, appropriately classy and signal-strong design language.


Clear Design Creates Orientation

Tasteful and responsible, the owners opted for a stylish signage system that pays tribute to the historic property in its quality finish.


Navigation With Style

The high-quality finish of lacquered, engraved brass used here is remarkable. It not only expresses appreciation for the property, but also enhances its value.

The old logo, now glowing white, is complemented by a classic black serif font.

A site plan and welcome message were integrated into the signs to set the mood and provide clear orientation for visitors.


Steibs Hof - Architecture Writes History

Steibs Hof in Leipzig is not an unknown address. It is part of a group of impressive old commercial buildings which, with their richly decorated facades of Art Nouveau and Neo-Baroque set pieces, tell of a formative piece of the city's history:

Until the Second World War, the "Brühl" in Leipzig's city center was considered the international center of the fur trade, to which Leipzig owed its position as a commercial metropolis. The signage system supports this outstanding positioning.


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