Road-map for visual communication

A design manual ensures in efficient and best way that your brand identity will be implemented 100% all media and spaces. It thereby provides a uniform basis for successful communication.

12,15 pt or at least 15 mm, printed on paper, wood or laminate, against a black or white background? Hang the logo in front or behind of the façade, must it be 40 cm high or not exceed 70 cm?
These and many more things define the visual appearance of a brand and can be, for people who don’t make their living with design, very confusing or not even perceived consciously. So, how that internally and externally communicates, what a company visually wants to represent externally? For this, we create guidelines – Design Manuals.

They define exactly the visual profile and communicate its technical details in a comprehensive way.

Companies and brands benefit from professional design guidelines. From CI, through the signage in the parking area, to the tenant facades – all design requirements are here in an attractive and clearly visual and textual language, and summarized, including check-lists, so that nothing important is left out. Or you have ever seen the T-Mobile squares in pink?

  • Date: 11. January 2016
  • Skills: Design Guidelines
  • Client: Various
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