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mfi - a division of Unibail-Rodamco Group
3.000 m²
Customer Journey, Interior Design, Graphic Design

UPDATE 2018 - Design of the Transition Zone

After our make-over of the interior design of the Shopping Center Riem Arcaden in 2015, now also the transition to the extension building presents itself in an inviting design with a high quality of stay, perfectly harmonizing and following the colour and design language of the design concept in the existing building.

Turn right at the next junction

The route in the main building leads visitors straight down the shopping boulevard. In order to discover the highlights in the new building, they have to be attracted to go "around the corner". Therefore, the design of this junction, the “Nordspange”, has a particularly important function. In it's center -  an inviting lounge with Wi-Fi and a charging station.

Greenhouse Feeling - For all the Senses

The 9m high highlight façade, stretching over two floors, creates visibility from the entrance area to the top floor. Rich green does not just grow from the slats of the façade, but also at the transition to the bridge to the extension and the pillars on the ground floor. A real greenhouse feeling with lots of wood, green tendrils and moss areas on the walls. And a greenhouse needs - light! The open roof and a geometrically divided glass surface flood the room with natural light, a perfect attraction with a homely sense of well-being.

Design as an integrated whole

Along the entire customer journey, the design offers cosy comfort, in the numerous lounges as well as in the Food Island. Light, furniture, colours, shapes are perfectly integrated into the existing concept: grey, white, mint with wood and green skilfully continue the play with the three colour and form complexes in the main building (green, blue, orange) and differentiate the access paths and atriums. Circular light submissions are arecurring design theme, too. Our 3D visualization - see image above - as an interim projection gave us an idea of the depth of the room, until the path was opened with the inauguration of the extension. The Design was realized in close cooperation with the interior design department of mfi - A Division of Unibail-Rodamco Germany. 

What happened so far...

The Mall “Riem Arcaden” on the former Munich airport site with its new exhibition centre and a residential district in the immediate vicinity had become out-dated over time with its sober and functional design. A Make-Over, which meets the changing needs of the people, was the challenge for this larger property: to design a shopping destination as “Third Place”, as inviting place to relax in addition to the home and the workplace. With the refurbishment, the implementation of a creative welcome gesture was decisive, hallmark of a pioneering Mall design that welcomes customers as good friends.

kplus konzept GmbH | Riem Arcaden | München | Refurbishment | 2015




mfi - a division of Unibail-Rodamco Group
9.300 m²
Refurbishment, Beleuchtungskonzept, Wegeführung, Kunden WCs

kplus konzept GmbH | Riem Arcaden | München | Refurbishment | 2015

With this  conversion within five months during operation with all the associated constraints – the central architectural interventions were the lighting, the signage and the mall-furniture. A real challenge, for example, to print 6,000 sqm of self-designed wallpapers and install these in the course of three weeks!

Highlight Lighting

Starting at the access to the mall, a giant light wave at the main entrances attracts the visitors. The eight car park entrances have got a new look, too, as a visible welcome gesture: Huge and well recognizable from a distance, circular light submissions in newly built portals in warm wood optics indicate the directions in a clear and inviting way. The elevator lobbies shine in a new light with indirect lighting on the ceiling edges and in the large, round ceiling panel, a real eye-catcher! The round design language of the lighting concept – consistently customized special lights based on LED – is central theme throughout the entire renewed interior. The circle is also characteristic for the rest areas and lounges of which the delicate ring lights attract from afar.

kplus konzept GmbH | Riem Arcaden | München | Refurbishment | 2015

Play with shape and colour – A journey of discovery through the mall

For the orientation in the Center different graphic patterns were developed, which unfold as a true feast for the eyes already in the access areas. Three colour and form complexes differentiate horizontal circulation routes and halos: Warm red-orange with the basic shape of triangle, green-olive tones with a diamond-shaped square, and blue-grey hues in the shape of a rectangle. An equally artistic and surprising play with form and colour makes the customer journey through the mall a true journey of discovery at all points of experience. Varying wood elements have stylishly complemented the graphical elements: lamellae, fixtures and panels in oak-optics, for example, in the anterooms.

kplus konzept GmbH | Riem Arcaden | München | Refurbishment | 2015

Space-structuring islands of relaxation

Relaxation and visual variety in the interior design offer all rest areas and lounges in the Center, from the access areas to the Mall floors. The space-structuring islands stand out through selected furniture – sofas and chairs by +Halle and tables by Hay – and by a separate quality flooring in herringbone pattern and warm tobacco-hue. The colours correspond to the colour codes of the respective geometric patterns. Not only the colour of the leather upholstery changes; evocative nature motifs, sometimes in orange, sometimes in green, emit in backlit large-format frames, at the lift lobbies complemented by the green loveseats (+Halle) and solid oak blocks as tables. Plants and fireplaces in the lounge alternate in the frames, specially created as a fancy room divider of the lounges.

kplus konzept GmbH | Riem Arcaden | München | Refurbishment | 2015

Path-breaking Design

Facilitate orientation in complex building structures and provide a warm and safe feeling – this customer service provides the new signage for the Riem Arcaden. From the welcome and farewell message in the car park as well as in the Mall, from the elevator lobby to the washrooms: the stylish black catches the eye whether at the backlit ceiling signs and steles or at the welcome boards in acrylic and on the service panel in the reception desk.

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