Real Estate Marketing


Corporate design – a trademark for your property

For developers and real estate brokers we design comprehensive solutions starting from the name and logo development, 3D visualizations, walkthroughs and 360 ° panoramas to exposés, sales folders and real estate websites. We beautify construction sites with effective advertising visualizations and develop advertising concepts for newspapers and trade magazines – always with the goal that you sell your property easier and faster. With our team of architects, interior designers, 3D specialists, graphic designers, photographers, web designers and copywriters, we are ideally positioned to best stage your brand worlds from every perspective.


The visualization makes blueprints reality and vision experience. It is a look into the future where the property shows its true potential. With architectural visualizations it can be exactly set in scene what is relevant for the customer. Regardless of daylight situations and seasons, always flexible and reproducible. Housing and living qualities can be conveyed much easier and much more emotionally. The selective use of light simulation makes the different effects of architecture, space and material experience in both day and night mood. Different environmental, color and material concepts are easily visualized with CGI architecture. And unusual perspectives and angles that cannot be captured photographically bring impressive additional highlights of the proposed property to the fore.

Whether competition or decision basis for developers, brokers or buyers: Showcase your property with visualizations and additionally with a virtual walkthrough or a 360 ° panorama, created by our photo and film experts.


3D visualizations of the planned interior design have many advantages for real estate marketing. The residential property is brought to life by showing the different moods of the times of the day. A sunrise but also the glow of an open fire to the effects a to reflective glass – every detail that contributes to the overall atmosphere is ready. Realistic representations of equipment, surfaces and materials make the comfort and quality of living in advance experience. Equally easy concept variants could be shown in color or texture and used as decision support.

All rooms can be produced as a film, too. And our interior design department is also as a strategic partner aside, when it comes to the planning and implementation of cutting-edge trends and design concepts.

Site fence

Your object is growing and flourishing, just like the neighbourhood’s and passers-by’s curiosity. Use the free projection surface of a construction site fence as a stage for your visions and as a perfect opportunity to present the object already profitably during construction. By surface staged with 3D visualizations you not only arouse the interest of potential buyers. Evocative and realistic views also help to remove any doubts about the aesthetics of the finished property and to arouse joyful anticipation of the finished object. The public presentation is highlighted by the illustration of your brand.

  • Date: 28. July 2016
  • Skills: CGI Architecture, Corporate Design, Web Design
  • Client: Case Study
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