QVC Rheinstudios

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QVC Rheinstudios
QVC Shopping Channel
Düsseldorf, Germany
Interior Design, Graphic Design, Signage


A studio is quite a big complex. Especially if it was expanded bit by bit, it can be difficult for visitors to find their way to their destination. kplus konzept designed and implemented the signposting on the QVC grounds.

From the driveway to the reception, to the car park and back, or simply finding the way to the reception – with or without registering: With the help of colour codes as well as columns, signs and labelling, the signage was reorganised and made easy to understand. Now people can find the shortest route possible to their destination.

kplus konzept - Interior - QVC Studiogang
kplus konzept - Interior - QVC Studiogang

QVC Hallway

On Air! A highlight of the studio tours at QVC is the long corridor in front of the studios and the hope to catch a glimpse into it. The "QVC Wall of History" designed by kplus konzept turned the inconspicuous passageway between two parts of the building into an exciting and diversely staged space that not only provides visitors with an insight into the studios and the history of the channel, but also with many murals and additional dates on the floor.

Guest Lounge

A home away from home; and with 24 hours on air, the presenters who have to put up with long waiting times between the live shows look forward to a room that really does give them a home away from home. kplus konzept transformed a former cold and uncomfortable common room into a feel-good lounge that includes a make-up area, Internet terminal, mini kitchen, lockers and above all places to sit and lie down. The high-pile carpet dampens the noise levels, the make-up area is positioned in such a way that the people sleeping are not disturbed by the light there, and people doing their make-up cannot be directly seen by others. The locker area provides an additional buffering for the dormitories behind it. These little dormitories have a bed, a bedside table and a place to put your bag; everything else, such a clothing and even mirrors is hung up on the wall. And if you look up to the ceiling while lying in bed, you can read things that encourage quick relaxation.

Model Lounge

We believe that only if you feel good you also look good. That’s the motto kplus konzept followed in the redesign of the model dressing room. Using a surface and space concept that makes use of every last inch, an unattractive looking functional room became a room were, in addition to perfect make-up, hair and ironing, as well storage space for the collections and locker areas, the models also have room to relax.

Recreation Room

Wherever people work around the clock you also need space for breaks. To make these as relaxing as possible, kplus konzept created an oasis in a tiny space: the Recreation Room. If you are looking to take a nap you can do that on the beds in the sleeping cylinders. Shielded from the outside world by an opaque curtain and equipped with a bed, coat hook, lights and a little storage table, the sleeping cylinders offer privacy in a small space that offers all amenities needed for a little nap. If you just want to take a break without sleeping, you can use the giant bean bags on the cuddly, green high-pile carpet. Because the wall is also covered with the carpet, it provides a perfect outdoor feel, filters out noise and helps you relax in no time at all.

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