Pop-Up 3D – Modular, flexible and strong effects

For an exciting staging of publications and theme worlds of several consumer advice centers in North Rhine Westphalia kplus konzept has developed a new display system, the Pop-up 3D!

With a total depth of only 45 cm it has a strong three-dimensional effect and combines attention value, aesthetics and modularity. The contents are moving by an optical effect towards the viewer.

kplus konzept gmbh - interior design - verbraucherberatung nrw - 3d pop-up display

Positioning holes in the platform allow flexible use of the various display modules. So quick and easy replacement of the contents is possible, both in digital and in print form, depending on the topic and needs.

By the playful arrangement of the contents the overall appearance of the Pop-up 3D display is fresh and alive. It allows staging optimally sophisticated services and resuming theme worlds clearly for the customers, fitting brand appearance and store design in the same time.

  • Date: 17. December 2014
  • Skills: Display System Design
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