ORO Schwabach




MEC METRO-ECE Centermanagement GmbH & Co. KG
36.300 qm
May 2017
Refurbishment: Naming, Corporate Design, Customer Journey

Golden spot(s) on Schwabach’s Center

Small gold plates are shimmering since May in the ORO hybrid mall in Schwabach near Nuremberg. With its rebranding realized by kplus konzept, the shopping center has been given a new guise, which is based on the historical reference to Schwabach as a traditional gold beating town. The former name HUMA became ORO and all the touch points of the Customer Journey are playing with the theme. The large letters and gold leaf graphics and the metal’s warm radiance represent the new word and figurative brand in both color and form. This is the foundation of the brand makeover. But a successful rebranding takes more than that. From the parking area to the shops: The new brand image appears consistently in the entirety of the mall’s signage on all contact points of the customer journey.

Brilliant Reception

Signs, pillars, doors, escalators and elevators – inside as well as outside a new golden guise now welcomes and accompanies the visitor on a modern, beautiful shopping experience with high quality of stay.

Widely Visible Signage

Shopping in a brand new guise

"Welcome" to ORO! The journey through the bow leads directly to the shopping center, its facade, as well as its signs, flags, doors, information steles and pillar- and facade coverings already present the new brand from a afar. Warm, luminous gold yellow and orange in the new Center and Food Court logo and gold particles on noble, rich black, white or yellow graphics on the façades and reveals, elegantly fit to the gold-colored slat structure on the ceiling and wall of the mall interior. The new food court logo was designed in accordance with the new corporate design and was placed dynamically on the stairs and on the gallery.

Brand Design for Places & People

We design your brand, all around, and all from one single source. With dedication, empathy, passion and a high level of expertise. From name-finding to game and app design, 3D visualizations, professional photographic documentation (in our own studio) and corporate print design. From multi-sensory brand experiences to unmistakable store designs, future oriented shopping mall design and corporate architecture.

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