Neue Höfe Herne


Landmarken AG
Herne, Germany
ca. 16.250 m² surface area
September 2019
Building Site Marketing

Herne Hooray!

In cooperation with the local city administration, Landmarken AG is revitalising the former Hertie department store in the urban heart of Herne. kplus konzept was commissioned with the accompanying building site marketing. The result was a marketing concept with a local touch and linguistic wit, which attracts and invites the citizens of Herne to the project.

Bauzaun Neue Höfe Herne

Display cases as storytellers

One cannot not look through a peephole... kplus konzept made use of the irresistible attraction of peepholes and installed display cases behind them to transform the site fence into an entertaining communication medium. A total of five peepholes with dioramas behind them were integrated into the building fence design, telling scenes of the future working and living worlds as well as the history of the Neue Höfe. For a higher entertainment value, so-called "Easter Eggs" were integrated, which are hidden in the small worlds and can only be discovered when viewed from a certain angle.

Bauzaun Neue Höfe Herne Diorama

Strong Graphics

For the design of the construction fence, a visual design was developed that aims for a good close-up and long-distance effect and appeals to both potential tenants and passers-by in the adjacent pedestrian zone. Thus, over a length of approx. 80m, a varied mixture of project information, rental space presentations, renderings, graphics and a historical timeline, interspersed with Herne claims, really whet the appetite for the city in the Ruhrpott.

Bauzaun Neue Höfe Herne

The Future is Loading

The citizens of Herne can easily see that things are progressing on the construction site from the 3 x 6 metre facade banner: A huge loading bar, familiar from the graphic language of digital applications, is displayed there. The bright yellow scale lines of the oversized loading beam are individually covered with grey tarpaulin and will be successively exposed after completion of a construction phase.

Bauzaun Neue Höfe Herne

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