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Unibail-Rodamco Germany
Mönchengladbach, Germany
41.000 m²
Customer Journey, Interior Design, Communication Design, Signage, Tenants' Facade Design

Interior Design sets New Standards

With its premium shopping concept the Minto in Mönchengladbach presents a futuristic shopping experience and an outstanding quality of habitat; urban design, comfortable, inviting, enjoyable, sensuous and magical, coupled with premium services and convenience in all public areas. In short, a customer trip for all the senses.

The interior design of the mall was developed and realized in close cooperation with Unibail-Rodamco and its Interior Design Department in accordance with the 4* concept of UR: from the multi-sensory “Highlight Facades“, the rest areas in the boulevards, the Food Court, to the Signage in the mall and the car parks as well as for the lift lobbies and restrooms.

The connection of nature and architecture is not only reflected in the Minto’s exterior design with its horizontally oscillating belts and vertically arranged lamellae, but is continued through its interior in a total of 42,000 square meters across four floors. Natural materials, organic shapes and nature soundscapes characterize the interior design. The “Home of 5 Senses” however makes aware the holistic experience more comprehensively and presents itself consistently as a multi-sensory approach under the aspects “see, feel, hear, taste and smell”, culminating in the five “Highlight Facades”. The guiding theme of the Minto, “Feel at Home”, is about creating a complete feeling of well-being through the stimulation of all the senses. For example, by the haptic qualities of the materials, by the individuality, by the high quality and variety of the interior design related to that of private dwellings.

Highlight Facades

The perfect synthesis of all sensual and awe effects in the interior design are the “Highlight Facades” which stretch over several floors. The characteristic spatial and atmospheric elements lure through material and shape an interaction and are both eye-catching and an attraction for the adjacent shops.

kplus konzept GmbH | Interior Design | Minto Mönchengladbach | Mall Design
kplus konzept GmbH | Interior Design | Minto Mönchengladbach | Mall Design

Synaesthetic Facades

The five Facades in the Minto take the visitor through different moods by a synesthetic combination of materials, sound and scent design. Sometimes the metal sequins of the Facade “Glamour Walk” sparkle just by passing by, symbolizing the modern, fashion-conscious lifestyle, while next to it the “Green Point” with wall vegetation of real plants embody energy and spirituality. The “Fluid Flow” Facade flows, like a lava lamp, colourful organic forms that exude peace and relaxation. The fine leather of the “Noble Sensation” Facade stands in turn for nobility. The Facade “Frame Yourself” stimulates, by the flexible push and pull elements, the impulse to be played with. “Scents interact directly with our emotional state” says our partner Air Creative. “We wanted to create scents that invite you to linger.” Issues such as vitality, peace and creativity were first colour-coded and then connected to an appropriate scent. The Facade “Glamour Walk” exudes for example a red scent. Red is cheerful, extroverted, even slightly aphrodisiac. Therefore, the colour emotionally matches clothing and shoes. The fragrance reflects the shopping experience. So the air enhancement for the “Green Point” is, as expected, green. Here, spicy, fresh flavours such as mint or lime result in a healthy and green fragrance combination. Contrary to that, the “Noble Sensation” Facade spreads a fine, exclusive fragrance, based on a potpourri of dark colours like red, brown, turquoise, mustard yellow, purple.

The Fragrance fits the Music

Together with Julian Treasure, owner of the British Sound Agency, an audio background was created for the Minto, which accompanies the respective scent sensations. Again, the Highlight Facades serve as a platform for a sensory stimulating Soundscape: nature sounds such as the rustling of leaves or birds chirping for the “Green Point” sound, switch to spherical sounds surrounding the “Frame Yourself” Facade, to a symphony of glass sounds from the direction of “Glamour Walk”. The “Noble Sensation” Facade is silent, on purpose, with the objective of getting the sensation of touching and silence

kplus konzept GmbH | Interior Design | Minto Mönchengladbach | Mall Design

Minto's Deli - Meet & Eat

Designs for all the Senses – this claim was also pursued in the development of the Minto Food Court concept, evolved in cooperation with the Interior Design Department of Unibail-Rodamco Germany according to the UR 4* concept, the motto of the shopping mall, “Feel at Home”, giving the perfect setting for a completely new way of dining.

Natural, Cozy, Authentic

The individually customised “Rooms” of the Minto Food Court are communal dining areas for eleven different restaurateurs. Here guests can choose the setting in which they wish to eat according to their mood: quickly in the kitchen, in the loungey atmosphere of the living room, the quietness of the library, the airy ambience of the conservatory or as a family in the children’s corner. As organic shaped islands, the individual areas are completely dedicated to the topics of naturalness, comfort and authenticity. The half-height curved railing separates them from each other on the one hand, but are on the other hand open enough to preserve the character of a communal experience space.

kplus konzept GmbH | Interior Design | Minto Mönchengladbach | Mall Design
kplus konzept GmbH | Interior Design | Minto Mönchengladbach | Mall Design


The conservatory in its blues and greens creates a light, airy atmosphere, and even the graphic leaf patterns on the ornamental cover reflect the theme of nature in a fresh manner. The herbs pots represented on the wallpaper blackboards on the columns and standing on the six community tables, bring nature into the room and have a culinary benefit, too. Cruise counters give this room a perfect frame. This, in combination with the furnishing – wooden chairs in Scandinavian design and stylish, recyclable barstools – creates the perfect ambience for a fresh salad!


In warm brown and green tones, the library of the Minto invites to dine and browse. Quality oak herringbone parquet and stools in tobacco-tones create a typical cosy atmosphere for the reading area. Complemented by design intonations in the table surfaces such as book spines and text passages. And on the ceiling, book covers act as lampshades.


Cozy Ambience in Minto's Food-Court

In the cosy kitchen the elongated orange sofa with its red-and-white chequered surroundings – blinds and tables – attracts attention. Along with colourful Eames chairs and the timeless Frankfurter seats created here is the typical snug kitchen meeting point. Lamps made from egg-whisks belong to the innovative accessories, plaid floor tiles and shelving racks made of black steel and oak complement the look.

kplus konzept GmbH | Interior Design | Minto Mönchengladbach | Mall Design

Living Room

The material and floor coverings in discrete shades of grey and highlighted in pink, create a modern feeling inviting relaxation in the Minto. The centre points are the long sofas and tables with various characteristic facades. With their diverse surfaces and structures, the cushion covers and floor tiles also create a range of haptic and visual effects. A surprising eye-catcher are the ceiling lamps, which are hanging-upside-down floor lamps. A subtle background is provided by ornamentally patterned architectural wallpaper.

The Journey is the Goal

kplus konzept GmbH | Communication Design | Minto Mönchengladbach | Parken Parking | Signage
kplus konzept GmbH | Communication Design | Minto Mönchengladbach | Parken Parking | Signage
kplus konzept GmbH | Communication Design | Minto Mönchengladbach | Parken Parking | Signage

Car Park Signage

Visitors and customers to shopping malls or office complexes may already expect a little more. Whether new construction or re-furbishment – operators of large properties often neglect the access route for customers, employees or visitors to commercial properties or office buildings. Here, an aesthetically pleasing and safe system providing optimum orientation is an easy way to emotionally collect a traveller already on the final part of his journey and put him into a positive, stress-free mood.

kplus konzept GmbH | Communication Design | Minto Mönchengladbach | Parken Parking | Signage

Just "parking" was yesterday

A parking space guidance system electronically shows the direct route to the nearest empty slot. Re-finding your car is also easy thanks to colour-coded storeys and easily memorable alphanumeric markings for parking areas using standardized, clearly visible and decoded graphic design language on signs, totems and pictograms. Finding the entrance is also child’splay, as is the way to the exit. A separate guidance system for pedestrians – pavements in floor colour – ensures safety and quick orientation. And all that in authentic aesthetics! This new concept has been developed by our customer Unibail-Rodamco according the the UR 4* concept, the signage elements by kplus konzept.

More lux and therefore brighter parking areas thanks to sustainable lighting technology – useful and affordable. The visitors will be thankful because they feel safe and comfortable even before entering their destination. And the cars are also on the safe side. Designated parking spaces are already common in many places, but only a clearly visible statement brings true value for your visitors on the day: Family parking, charging stations for electric cars, motorcycle and bicycle parking spaces individually coded and integrated into the guidance system.

kplus konzept GmbH | Communication Design | Minto Mönchengladbach | Signage
kplus konzept GmbH | Communication Design | Minto Mönchengladbach | Signage

The Customer Journey in the Minto-Mall: aesthetic, relaxed, eventful

From the pioneering design of the intuitive Parking Guidance System leading to one of the 110 stores of the Minto in Mönchengladbach, to the exclusive service Welcome Desk and the luxurious family washrooms, onto the noble lift lobbies and the many uniquely designed rest islands – the stay at the Minto becomes a relaxed as well as exciting customer journey thanks to the new welcome concept of Unibail-Rodamco and to a clear and structured signage, full of creative highlights from our communication design team. Organic shapes pleasing to the eyes, be it on the ceiling signs and steles or the welcome boards in front of lifts and escalators. Colour codes, for such as the assignment of the storeys, do not only facilitate orientation but also display imaginatively on the walls in large graphics and are reflected in the pictograms.

Luxury for everyone

The flow of a nice shopping spree is usually interrupted only reluctantly for a walk to the toilet. But when the hairstyle needs to be fixed after trying on several sweaters, the hands need to be washed after a little snack or the little ones need to be breastfed, there is no way past the washrooms of a department store or shopping center. The "locus necessitatis" is not at all a dull place of necessity here. Already the entrance is designed homely and individual as in a premium hotel. Plenty of beautiful space awaits ladies and gentleman, bag and baggage, in  the washrooms.

Ladies & Gentleman

In the glamorous ambience of the ladies' room, women refresh their make-up. Of course, there is a holder at hip height for bags and bags. The design: Fresh and airy like the feathers on the white walls. The sophisticated lighting and generous mirroring enhance the radiant character of the room and will undoubtedly be transferred to the well-being of the beholder.
In noble men's club style, designed in smoky colors and pinstripe look, there is no trace of tristesse in the men's room. The exclusive atmosphere encourages the gentleman to continue shopping for the next business combination.

kplus konzept GmbH | Interior Design | Minto Mönchengladbach | Mall Design
kplus konzept GmbH | Interior Design | Minto Mönchengladbach | Mall Design

Minto's Playground

Finally there! Jacket hanging, shoes put on the cabinet and get to the playroom! Only that this one is much bigger than at home. While parents and grandparents make themselves comfortable in the seats, the children have long since hogged their favorite toy. The theme world ” piles of leaves ” has, embedded in organic forms and harmonious color gradations, a great mix of classic slide to the playground telephone. The adults mobile is loading meanwhile in the charging stations.

kplus konzept GmbH | Interior Design | Minto Moenchengladbach | Indoor Playground

Tenants' Facade Design

Strong brands as well as newcomers are looking for a strong presence. In order to maintain the value and harmony of the interior design of your property on boulevards and passages, a creative tenant coordination is essential. It guarantees that your design guidelines are respected while preserving and emphasizing the brand identity of your tenants. The design of the façade, the choice of advertising systems and the type of shop window and the materials used for the facade profiles all contribute to the overall appearance. In terms of design and in dealing with your customers, our interior designers have the right knack and many years of expertise.

3D magic for a perfect temporary design

Design Guidelines - So that magenta does not turn into pink

3D visualizations offer an exciting opportunity for retailers and real estate operators to pre-stage the future ambience or the product range of a property. Whether integrated digital animation - for example an interactive game in connection with the customer card - or simple advertising messages, the imagination and our creative know-how know no limits. More exciting 3D themes and solutions can be found here in our 3D magic catalog.

3D Catalog

Perfectly realized Marketing in CI

Whether for tenant or buyer acquisition, for communication of a refurbishment or as a sales tool and presentation at a trade fair: Professionally designed advertising material in corporate design is simply part of the marketing of a property.

And this is how it all started...

Successful rental-conversations and a unique shopping center require a special frame. The Showroom in the mfi project building right across the mall, picks up on the creative highlights of the Minto. The focus lies on the models of the multi-sensory “Highlight Facades“, which are the mall’s atmospheric elements as well as attraction for the adjacent shops. The models were also equipped with original materials, including sound- and scentdesign. An elaborate video animation with an accompanying scent production shows the details of the interior views of the Minto, told as a love story – you can also take a seat in the armchairs of the former theatre. The community table of the “board stories“ series promotes creativity as you make scribbles and join discussions. There are collages displaying the materials of the entire interior architecture. The information boards in the entrance area of the Showroom Mönchengladbach, the design of which matches the outer facade, dynamically explain the overall architectural concept.

Citizens who are interested in the Minto can visualise the future experience-area here. The aim is to give visitors to the showroom not just visual impressions but also a feel for the planned quarter which will soon invite people to linger and come back to.

Brand Design for Places & People

We design your brand, all around, and all from one single source. With dedication, empathy, passion and a high level of expertise. From name-finding to game and app design, 3D visualizations, professional photographic documentation (in our own studio) and corporate print design. From multi-sensory brand experiences to unmistakable store designs, future oriented shopping mall design and corporate architecture.

Please don't hesitate to call us for any further information: phone +49-211-695018-72 or mail to: We look forward to hearing from you!

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