Showroom Recklinghausen Arcaden

The showroom for the Recklinghausen arcades are now accommodated directly opposite the building site in an old industrialist’s villa, which previously was part of city administration.

The former administrative stench together with the needle felt carpet and grid ceilings were removed, revealing an impressive 4,50 metre high ceiling.

Elements of the industrial past of the building were incorporated into the Showroom Recklinghausen Arcades: a steel-effect floor, a solid angle with a mottled finish – the entrance hall features lights with historic and contemporary motifs of the city of Recklinghausen, hanging up at different heights on the walls of a washhouse. This all produced a very inspiring atmosphere for the work meetings and letting negotiations that take place in this showroom. Information about the building project is displayed as graphics along the walls – including impressive model shows of the mall’s entrance hall. The showroom itself best represents the content of the planned new building of the Recklinghausen Arcades.

  • Date: 14. October 2013
  • Skills: Showroom Design
  • Client: Recklinghausen Arcaden - mfi
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