Light up children’s eyes – Our finest playground designs

Future oriented mall operators offer much more than the mere sales floor. Presented are services such as: stroller rentals, family restrooms with feeding and changing facilities, childcare, children’s cinema, and creatively designed playgrounds which make the mall attractive to families. What do our creative solutions for Indoor Playgrounds look like?

Inviting, varied children’s playgrounds that awaken the joy of movement, but also offer quiet entertainment. And are a relaxing break also for the remaining family members. Produce atmospheric density and thereby comply with prescribed safety distances, aesthetically designed beyond loud colors and use of a lot of plastic, find a good mix of play equipment – this requires at least as much knowledge and passion , as the design for the adults.

The city in miniature – here small town conquerors have their proper place. By Bobbycar motorable roads run past the kiosk, post office, fire department and quiet cityscapes as children dream of. While parents pause at the bus stop or on the park bench in the streetlight.

Minto, Mönchengladbach
Finally there! Jacket hanging, shoes put on the cabinet and get to the playroom! Only that this one is much bigger than at home. While parents and grandparents make themselves comfortable in the seats, the children have long since hogged their favorite toy. The theme world ” piles of leaves ” has, embedded in organic forms and harmonious color gradations, a great mix of classic slide to the playground telephone. The adults mobile is loading meanwhile in the charging stations.

Höfe am Brühl, Leipzig
The desire to play and exercise is incited by the digital media in the Playlab at Höfe am Brühl. Various games can be played using projections on the floor: you can play football with a projected ball, chase away fish in the projected pond. As a home for the interactive aquarium kplus konzept created a whale. Here children and adults can create their own fish, choosing their own shapes, colours, patterns and names – and of course you have to feed your own creation too. If it’s well-nourished you can add more things to the fish: an additional fin, an even prettier pattern and perhaps a few dots?

Weserpark, Bremen
A stylish indoor – playground for the chic Shopping Center Weserpark, but no less attractive to the small mall – visitors from crawlers to 10 year olds. But beware, no-go area for mums with stiletto heels, because of the softly padded floor!

  • Date: 8. December 2015
  • Skills: Playground design
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