Kalk’s Next Pop-up Store

Simplify rental concepts and create small, temporary spaces for special offers: With this goal,  kplus konzept together with the operator of the Cologne Arcaden Basement put together a competition for the most creative retail idea, where the winner would be helped from initial design to professional implementation, free of charge. The inspiration for the participants was a specially designed-for-the-purpose Pop-Up Store in the middle of the basement marketplace. Its design is an oversized sketch with extensive facings on a 1:1 scale and  integrated wooden pallets to be used as a universal display cabinet. The drawings on the side walls give ideas to the possible product types of the temporary store. kplus konzept.

The live communication Kalks next Pop-up Store with potential new retailers took place on a Saturday in December with the kplus-team on-site. Together to create sketches, take-home collages with a photo of the candidate, which was mounted inside their individually designed shop,… a very playful  and creative way to approach the topic of store design and “how do I become a retailer”.

So, at the end of this inspiring day, amongst the arcade visitors, were approximately 40 imaginative, as well as promising new shop ideas to be selected from. Further submissions can posted on Facebook or sent by postcard with a sketch of the Dream-Shop and a description of the business idea, to kplus konzept.

To be continued!


  • Date: 6. February 2014
  • Skills: Pop-up Store Design, Pop-up Store Event Organisation
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