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Mall Design, Customer Journey, Indoor Playground, QR Lounge, Frischemarkt

The Colourful World of Shopping

The high-end shopping centre Höfe am Brühl was developed by property developer mfi and designed by architecture from Grüntuch Ernst from Berlin; in addition to many façades for the tenants, kplus konzept realised a multimedia children’s playground, murals for the lift lobbies and toilets and the interior design for the fresh market, the children’s cinema and the QR Lounge. An educational concept was developed for the staircase (originating from 1920) in front of the preserved historical façade that tells visitors all about the chequered past of this historically significant place. The Höfe am Brühl and mfi AG have received in April 2014 the ICSC European Shopping Centre Award: second place with distinction!

The Playlab

kplus konzept - Höfe am Brühl - Playlab

From Manga to Underwater World

The digital media have settled in the Playlab, the interactive playground of the Höfe am Brühl, in a very playful way. Various games can be played using projections on the floor: you can play football with a projected ball, chase away fish in the projected pond. The projection reacts to the children’s movements via a camera. As a home for the interactive aquarium kplus konzept created a whale. Here children and adults can create their own fish, choosing their own shapes, colours, patterns and names – and of course you have to feed your own creation too. If it’s well-nourished you can add more things to the fish: an additional fin, an even prettier pattern and perhaps a few dots?

kplus konzept - Höfe am Brühl - Playlab
kplus konzept - Höfe am Brühl - Playlab

Exciting Signage

kplus konzept - Höfe am Brühl - Kundenflure

“Net Generation” and “Fashion Lifestyle” were two of the three target group-specific design themes at Höfe am Brühl. Clearly distinguished by colour in white and black, kplus konzept designed images in the company’s own photo studio that serve as orientation and pick up on the themes “Net Generation” and “Fashion Lifestyle”. For “Fashion Lifestyle” the models were given elaborate 3D clothing made from water. For the “Net Generation” area they also posed in synapse worlds created using 3D technology. The result was six different designs – three each for the three sales floors, all telling their own story floor by floor.

The “making of” of the hall design became the leitmotif in the design of the customer toilets: the six designs from the shootings now adorn the men’s and women’s toilets.

kplus konzept - Höfe am Brühl - Kundenflure
kplus konzept - Höfe am Brühl - Kundenflure
kplus konzept - Höfe am Brühl - Kunden WCs
kplus konzept - Höfe am Brühl - Kunden WCs
kplus konzept - Höfe am Brühl - Kunden WCs

Fresh Produce Market

kplus konzept - Höfe am Brühl - Frischemarkt
kplus konzept - Höfe am Brühl - Frischemarkt

Small, fine and colourful


Fine little delicacies are sold here on the fresh produce market. The inspiration for its design was an old engraving of Leipzig’s marketplace. The picture was made use of one more time: through halftoning and the addition of colours it was turned into a modern back wall design in the sales areas. Shiny black factory lights, counter panelling and till containers made from simple Aleppo pine – these are the authentic materials of the compact and uniform sales areas for small and individual traders. Together with the great variety of goods sold, this creates a dense marketplace atmosphere that invites you to stroll and shop.


Who is behind the Quick Response Codes? In the lounge of the Medienhof, kplus filled the walls with 116 codes, which conceal esciting stories, surprise offers from the tenants and news from the city of Leipzig. But kplus konzept did not only produce an interactive and visually impressive lounge, the company also designed and programmed an internet platform to go with it (at http://qrlounge.de) and created its content.

Staircase 11

4 Floors of Remembrance

kplus konzept - Interior - Treppenhaus11

The goal of the exhibition design was to portray the history of the Höfe am Brühl location, so steeped in historical significance, on the way to center management. Over four floors, kplus konzept combined everything from historical photographs, building plans and advertising posters through to sculptures that originally formed part of the façade, thus bringing together the most diverse elements to provide visitors with background information about the Höfe am Brühl location in a simple and clearly presented way.

Center Management

kplus konzept - Höfe am Brühl - Centermanagement

This is how green a dull office reality can be! The barcode that for a long time adorned the site fence of the Höfe am Brühl construction site was the basis for the design concept of the center management. kplus konzept allowed it to take on a life of its own. From the straight line to the free form that dances along the long halls and makes the administration seem less severe.


kplus konzept - Interior - mfi Showroom Leipzig

The idea of having the meetings and negotiations of the Center Management of Shopping Mall Höfe am Brühl take place in an atmospheric showroom, instead of an uninspiring, temporary office, was met with much enthusiasm of everyone involved. We equipped the Showroom with wallpaper featuring the interior design themes of the mall. Next to the architectural and interior design elements, plans and visualisations of the different shopping areas were placed on a band along the walls. One of the highlights was the material bar displaying materials that reflect the different mall themes as well as serving as a source of inspiration. The planners were even allowed to take the material samples that the companies provided home with them. A catering concept was also developed to match the different mall areas.

kplus konzept - Interior - mfi Showroom Leipzig
kplus konzept - Interior - mfi Showroom Leipzig

Brand Design for Places & People

We design your brand, all around, and all from one single source. With dedication, empathy, passion and a high level of expertise. From name-finding to game and app design, 3D visualizations, professional photographic documentation (in our own studio) and corporate print design. From multi-sensory brand experiences to unmistakable store designs, future oriented shopping mall design and corporate architecture.

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