Headquarter Decathlon Germany



Decathlon Office Design
Decathlon Germany
July 2018 in Plochingen, Germany
600 qm
Corporate Architecture (Interior Design, Graphic Design)

Agile Brand Presence in Plochingen – New Office Design for Decathlon made by kplus konzept

Following the launch of the Decathlon Connect Store, kplus konzept has now also designed the perfect workspace for the German Headquarters of the French sporting goods manufacturer. A passion for sports is a prerequisite for working at Decathlon, and this is lived through and through. Being active and agile, showing team spirit and a willingness to communicate, achieving best results while having a lot of fun - the new office design makes it possible to experience all these sporting values step by step.

Sport is in the Air

The first impressions of this large workspace in the corporate colours of blue, grey and white are the perfectly blending together of sports hall and company atmosphere into concentrated, passionate devotion, in order to realize common goals.


In the centre of the ground floor your eyes are drawn to the big blue staircase and glass BlueCube, and the large multifunctional FlexArea. This has a number of uses: during the day a DeskChanging-zone, in the evening, a space for sports, fitness and events. For more flexibility, the furniture is on wheels and is also stackable. On the ceiling, large acoustic/lighting elements in corporate blue combine with luminous gymnastic rings to define the work areas and markings on the floor depict a basketball court. Various graphic elements are spread across the entire surface and are part of the many individually designed pieces of furniture such as cabinets, shelves and copy boxes. In the center of the area, a large, movable, wood-framed room divider in the typical Decathlon divider system - a wall grid, which acts as a product carrier in the stores - offers space for the exhibition of product highlights and awards. 

A plant filled window frame ensures constant vision. Additional refreshing greenery is also provided by the large moss wall at the reception.

Concentration, Inspiration, Communication

Creativity, Dynamics and Exchange among employees unfolds through the many options to change their work situation. Sometimes seated (lounge or desk), sometimes standing at the elevated tables, being accessible from all sides and thus also usable for spontaneous team meetings, sometimes while cardio-training at the Bike Stations, or at the desk at the window. 

Next stop: the central element of the large workspace, the BlueCube. A double-decker with a 360° view which expands the space and can accommodate two important elements of agile working: Downstairs in the BlueCube preparing the next project with the right reading material, and upstairs hold focused team meetings. Its foundation - a wall of lockers, provided by the company for the employees private belongings. A Stylish Finish - blue sports netting on the sides of the staircase and graphics of sportsmen and women on the panoramic windows.

The Perfect Stage

On the opposite side of the room three newly constructed storeys complete the office space. On the first floor around 50 employees are provided with additional flexible workstations with DeskChanging and lounge zones. The spacious BlueStairs is ideal for communication and offers space for a breather after completing a successful project. It is a meeting place and news desk all in one, and perhaps the 'perfect stage' for the big stars of the upcoming team events. The Decathlon German Head Office also features of course classic sports stages - on wheels - on the second floor in the multifunctional arena, so when the internal basketball challenge is over and the next staff seminar is on the agenda, the mobile dividing walls easily make the space ready for a new activity.

Sporty and flexible, accessible and forward-thinking - that's the Decathlon look, not only in its brand presence in the Connect Stores, but also in its newly designed headquarters. It's a concept that offers employees a lot of freedom, encourages fun at work and at the same time empowers concentration, cooperation, creativity, problem solving and further development.

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