Frittz Leipzig



Markus Richter & Frank Frommhold GmbH
100qm total / 62qm guest room / 41 seats inside / 36 seats outside
December 2018
Interior, Graphic, 3D

For the young Gastro concept Frittz in Leipzig, kplus konzept developed an interior design that guarantees uniqueness and serves the customer a fast-food experience with a high degree of convenience in the vicinity of an industrial port.

Fast Food Dining in the Seaport

The new food concept Frittz upgrades good old fries with vegetables, herbs, pulled pork, homemade toppings and flavors from all over the world on a street food-oriented gourmet level. The design studio kplus konzept developed a striking interior design for these fast-food restaurants, which makes Frittz unmistakable in the midst of a highly frequented railway station location, at the same time being cost-conscious and easily multiplied.

Storytelling: Seaport

A harbor area served as a source of inspiration. Similar to the potato creations, the Seaport concept unfolds its full potential through the meeting of the various "ingredients". Cargo boxes, modeled in maritime pine, shape the look and feel. A ceiling-high box element, which is part of the façade, hides the sliding glass elements of the lock system during opening hours. The central point of contact is a cut-open sea container containing the counter, the kitchen area and the dispensing counter, also made of maritime pine. Typical container closures, cranes on the walls and industrial lights, stencil writings on maritime pine panels and the concrete slab floor, deliberately with traces of wear, pick up on the rough charm of a harbor area.

Attention, fries!

Yellow is a signal and warning color. Yellow is the color of French fries. A strong shade of yellow runs through the entire room concept as a CI color and, together with the wood look, creates a young, modern and inviting look. An intermediate ceiling of expanded metal separates the supply lines, giving the seating area the feeling of a full-fledged guest room.

Fast Food Convenience

Although Frittz is a fast food concept, it offers full comfort in the seating area. The right space has been created for all preferences and opportunities: Elevated individual seats with a view to the outside for short snack stops, classic table situations to settle down for shared enjoyment. Installed charging stations and free wifi provide digital convenience.

About kplus konzept

Complete brand communication from one source, which remains present in the hearts: This is the mission of kplus konzept, the owner-managed agency with head office and studio in Düsseldorf and an office in Leipzig. With a lot of know-how, the kplus team of interior designers, product designers, graphic designers and communication specialists realizes the values and visions of companies, brands, malls, retailers and restaurateurs - from the first idea to implementation in all media, including interior design.

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