Fast & Casual – Start up!

A new Burger era has dawned. Industrially manufactured Burgers are experiencing more and more competition from fresh produce. Homemade quality, freshness, regionalism, creative and exotic recipes find in our health and lifestyle-conscious society, more and more followers and accelerate the growth of “fast casual” providers in the Burger sector. In Berlin alone you can find more than 100 Burger bistros!

Especially given the growing number of competitors in this segment a professional brand image, which consistently permeates from the logo to the interior design, is more important than ever.

Burger Brüder

Using the example of our “Burger Brüder” (Burger brothers), the distinctive logo cuts a good figure not only on the signboards, but also on table displays and door stickers. The design – compact and striking as the Burgers of the house – can be perfectly integrated in all corporate prints (menu, flyer, expansion brochures, invitation cards …) and is consistently shown in the Web design again.

Lukas Bakery

Another example for an elaborated communication design is the bakery and coffee shop Bäcker Lukas in Leipzig. For the price boards individual labels were designed to make the individual areas visible to the customers. The ear, an element from the original Lukas logo, was reused in an abstract form as decorative stripes on the façade. It also appears as cutouts on the furniture.

Yong’s – I make the bread, you make the break

“Pausenbrot” (breaktime sandwich), that is the beloved pupils’ kiosk in front of a school in Düsseldorf Oberbilk. Here, there are all basic nutrients to refresh the students’ grey matters, who, during their breaks, happily let their pocket money for Caprisonne, hot chocolate or fresh baguette sandwiches at Yong’s. Yong, he is simply an institution, so we made him a trademark – the logo, a stamp with lettering, the bright green “Pausenbrot” signs that stress even more the kiosk’s magnetic attraction, and a suitably styled menu for the kiosk -window.

  • Date: 2. August 2016
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