The Esprit Shoes Showroom was created on the main industrial site of the Benelux countries, in Nieuwegein in the Netherlands. It stands out from the competition not only with its exterior colour scheme with different emphasises, its architectural language and the choice of materials make it very inviting and powerful overall.

The brand message was implemented using the accentuated logo, clear colour scheme and shapes, and high quality materials. The smoked oak floor forms the exquisite foundation of the interior. The white furniture and textiles as well as the select Eames chairs lend an exquisite look, which provide a proper setting for the product range and collections of the lifestyle label.

Transparency is an important element of the showroom concept. For example, instead of a shop window with borders, there is a one-metre high window hinge circling the room. The wide field of vision allows visitors to experience the shoes at eye-level even before they enter the room. The long shelf space underneath the window serves as a kind of catwalk that showcases the shoe collections. The shelves that partition the room are open in various places, allowing the visitor a view of all the latest shoe models.

  • Date: 14. October 2013
  • Skills: Interior Design
  • Client: Esprit Shoes
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