Ecktal Center

Basic Parameters

In the heart of Europe, located in a border area, there is the fictional city Ecktal with 230,000 inhabitants in a favorable economic-geographic location amongst European conurbations. Approximately 3.5 million people live in the entire catchment area, including about 560,000 in the region Ecktal. The natural landscape around offers a special quality of life that attracts many young families, proved by the positive development of the population. In the local catchment area also numerous logistics and IT service providers have settled, attracting a young generation with jobs in the region.

The new Ecktal Center is well positioned for this target group with the main theme of "Family & Food". It provides with its tenant structure a retail mix that best meets the needs of families and young adults. Services such as strollers rental, families toilets with feeding and changing room and creative playgrounds including children's cinema and childcare make the shopping centers particularly attractive for families. The large food court, with its contemporary design and its wide range of restaurants offer a particular added value; the events around the theme of family and food create new opportunities for recreation.


The new Ecktal Center wants to clearly position itself as THE retail destination for families with a diverse range of restaurants and retailers. From the naming process over to logo, advertising and signage to web design, a new brand image and contemporary appearance is to create.


Defining the brand identity and positioning through a concise word and design mark and a uniform appearance. Developing appropriate, lasting communication measures to increase the visibility, the recognition and customer loyalty.


The newly created brand elements come to life, focused on all touch points between shopping center and its customers, from the website to outdoor advertising and interior design to give-aways. For a high quality and exciting stay in the Ecktal Center.

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Corporate Design

Using name, typography, color and imagery we have created a corporate design for the Ecktal Center that clearly distinguishes it from its competitors in the area and addresses the audience in a sympathetic way. After all, the friendly, fresh color scheme reflects not only the claim theme Family & Food, but also creates an open atmosphere. In addition, the design language is clear and simple and provides easy orientation for all ages, while the pattern creates a timeless identity. The newly created word and design mark for Ecktal Center can now be used in all the media, both online and offline. On the website and in the promotional material, from the outdoor advertising in town to the design of merchandise attractive for all age groups.

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Web Communication

The new responsive web design presents itself welcoming in the brand's look and with a thoughtful content marketing for all services, tenants, events and news of Ecktal Center. The tenants are offered a generous platform for the own shop. An attractive website is important for the brand image, because the customers’ first contact point is often the visit on the website to get informed. Thanks to a training for the use of a simple content management system, the center management can even keep all content up-to-date independently.

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Communication with Printed Media

Professionally designed promotional material in accordance with the corporate design is an essential component in the marketing of the shopping center. In interaction with the online marketing, it offers many possibilities, for example, to make reference to specific services or events in the Center. But even outside of the Center in the city, it meets the customer, with suitable outdoor advertising, on posters, vehicles or banners. Whether corporate magazine, loyalty card or billboards - the Ecktal Center uses few but convincing high-quality print products in order to present itself towards its customers with a high service quality.


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The Ecktal Center convinces its customers with a consistent brand transfer: Whether hot iPad Case, fancy gimmicks for both, small and big customers, stylish keychains, great children’s rubber boots or trendy ladies-scarf - with equally creative and attractive variants of the Ecktal Center design the products reach all family members. They create a high recognition and immediate identification both internally and externally. The products are selected at a valuable and sustainably level- quite the style of the center.

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Brand Design for Places and People

We design your brand, all around, and all from one single source. Further to the above-mentioned areas, for instance with the creation of design guidelines for your tenants, with 3D visualizations (CGI), 3D temporary design for vacancies or professional photographic documentation (own photo studio). We stage your brand experience in the mall, in the store or pop-up store with our interior design department, including your event planning, and create the wayfinding and signage systems with our communication designers.

Please don't hesitate to call us for any further information: phone +49-211-695018-72 or mail to: We look forward to hearing from you!

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