Dr. Becker Rhein-Sieg Clinic – Not just a Rehabilitation Clinic

There were two central questions to consider when we converted the public areas of the Dr. Becker Rhein-Sieg clinic:

What do we need when we are sick? What should our environment look like?
The answer: everybody wanted something different – depending on their state of convalescence.

In summary we can say: if you go to a rehabilitation clinic after an op, you want:

  1. first of all be alone,
  2. then make contact with other people and
  3. increase your social and physical activities step by step

The starting point of our interior design was to reach step 3 as quickly as possible. The refurbishment was adapted to meet these needs. The large two-storey hall was divided into different zones:

Waiting area, library, cafe and game area with a large table for 12 people. We even revived the pool table that was parked in the unattractive, faraway television room and made it the centre of the hustle and bustle in the hall. The television room was turned into a cosy room with fireplace including desk, internet terminal and television. The room also accommodates the gallery of pictures lovingly collected by the Becker family and previously scattered across the entire hall.

We turned dark brown into green, orange and brown – strong colours that bring freshness and a good mood, and provide a contrast to floor and ceiling, which were painted plain white. The seating furniture has something to offer whatever your condition, from soft and low to hard and high. The dark, uninviting hall was turned into an area that now improves the mood of staff members as they walk through it.

Now the reception area has to be converted, because the noise coming from the game table is so loud that it interferes with the receptionists’ work. What more do you want from a rehabilitation clinic than promote your way back to an active life?

  • Date: 14. October 2013
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