Dr. Becker Brunnen-Clinic – A Stay for all the Senses

The Dr. Becker Brunnen-Clinic in Horn-Bad Meinberg in Central Germany with the main focus psychosomatics, psychiatry and psychotherapy is located in the middle of the beautiful nature of the Teutoburg Forest. And what was more obvious for the interior design than bringing the harmonic and relaxing atmosphere from the outside to the inside?

Our aim of the room planning of the Dr. Becker Brunnen-Clinic was to promote recovery and face-to-face exchanges and to appeal to all senses. That way it allows temporary residents to enjoy life again and to develop perspectives.

Green and brown, accentuated by yellow, red, orange and blue – not only nature but also all colours of the clinic’s corporate design are reflected in the new interior design.

Specially designed curtains and seat covers in different stripes design and vintage look form exciting contrasts to the modern graphics being carried on wallpapers and pictures through the whole interior in a large choice of variants. For instance with the native flower “Lippische Rose” appearing in vivid pictures and fragile outlines.

In the cafeteria of the Dr. Becker Brunnen-Clinic an oversized postcard shows a historic picture of the marketplace in Horn Bad-Meinberg. An equal pleasant local trait gives the Neptune on the wall, enlarged at ceiling height, motif of the splendid fountain in the spa gardens.

The existing panelled high ceilings and brown floor tiles gave the setting for the redesign of the fireplace lounge with library. The flickering and shining of the logs, the tobacco coloured wall closets paired with three meters long lampion ceiling lamps and red seat covers in different materials and structures such as the noble Chesterfield upholstery create a particularly cosy living atmosphere – it feels just like home!

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