Design Thinking – Creativity doesn’t fall from the Sky

Creativity needs space. kplus konzept creates spaces beyond the classical working environments, which promote the creation of something new. Where you can playfully and curiously look at problems and think of something unusual. As with the requirements of the “Design Thinking” process.

Design Thinking is a holistic, structured innovation and creative method. It is an agile approach, which is particularly suitable for the solution of complex problems, in which one can not progress with one’s own experience. In contrast to methods that focus on the technical solubility of a problem, the Design Thinking concept follows the principle of the user-centered invention by consistently taking the user’s perspective. The constant feedback between the developer of a solution and its user provides fast application-oriented results. Prototypes that are emerging on the road to innovation are the tangible results of these feedbacks.

The potential for Design Thinking lies in the collaborative thinking and action. This is particularly promoted when multidisciplinary teams, variable spaces and innovation processes are combined. The design of the work environment is of particular importance in the Design Thinking process, because especially in the idea-making stage, as many senses as possible should be addressed and a lot of haptic experiences should be integrated in order to stimulate creativity and mental performance. Sufficient space for movement, flexible furniture, large writing and table surfaces, to which attach post-its notes, too, focus and team workplaces, freestanding tables accessible from all sides, flexible seating arrangements, transportable whiteboards and material containers, inspiration sources such as libraries and smell of coffee corners … all of this contributes to successful communication, encourages the agile approach and stimulates the playful process.

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  • Date: 22. February 2017
  • Skills: Office Design, Design for creative processes
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