Decathlon Connect

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Decathlon Connect
Decathlon Germany
München Stachuspassagen (220 sqm), Stuttgart Königstraße (50 sqm)
Munich February 2016, Stuttgart March 2016
Brand Experience, Interior Design, Graphic Design, Game and Controller Design, Instore Communication, Video Production

Reduced To The Max

Decathlon Connect, that’s the name of the new city store concept of the French sporting goods manufacturer, rapidly expanding in Germany. kplus konzept had the pleasure to realize a brand transfer from big to small. To design a new store concept which works beyond the big stores on the greenfield sites in a small place in the city center still reflecting the Decathlon DNA, seamlessly linking the the well-known with the brand new, the online shop with stationary retail while providing a maximum of brand experience and flexibility for the goods presentation on a minimalistic area. 

Seamless brand experience

Three designated zones presented in corporate colours give structure to the brand’s space and also provide quick orientation: blue for “Sports Experience”, dark grey the “Retail Zone” and white the “Daily Pick Up Zone”. In the centre stands the Digital World in Decathlon blue. Order Seats with integrated tablets offer instant access to the online shop with its 35,000 products. Even the traditional store can be virtually experienced with by the interactive game Run the Store developed by kplus konzept, and it’s lots of fun.

Perfect immersion into the Decathlon universe

Minimum of space with maximum output. 220 sqm in Munich’s Stachus Passagen and 50 sqm in Königstraße in Stuttgart. On- and offline shopping, game and fun, click and collect. The Daily Pick Upper however needs more: to revitalise him for his trip the sporty city dweller also needs food and emergency equipment. The "Munich City Survival Area” (name and range depends on the location) is filled with Decathlon products for everyday requirements, from the umbrella to the power bar.

Icons, Signs & Co.

For a best orientation in Decathlon Connect Store we have designed all graphics and icons of the signage, so in the Click & Collect and Survival Area. The shop window is decorated with graphic elements on foils, the walls with digital frames. Everything perfectly in Decathlon Corporate Design.

The Game. Run the Store!

The interactive game „Run the Store“ conveys the joy of movement whilst bringing to life the immense brand diversity of the classic, larger area, Decathlon store.. To create this the kplus team photographed the classical Decathlon store meter by meter, then programmed and staged it into the digital game as realistically as possible. Using the game controller and with the extra-large monitor in view, the customer runs through the store taking in the entire product range. Whilst doing this he collects as many Decathlon Passion Brand Products as possible, and with further training can improve his personal high-score.

Decathlon Controller

The controller: A Science in its own

Simplistic and beautiful, this is how the Game Controller in the shop presents itself. However, hidden behind it is a lot of sophisticated technical know-how. Fortunately we have our game designers who, with a lot of passionate tinkering, perfected the ideal „Run the Store“ game. The character moves faithfully and responds without delay, LEDs around the treads give players direct visual feedback and are also an eyecatcher in the store.



Decathlon Connect München

Click & Collect

Goods that are ordered through the Internet either in the shop, at home or on the move can be collected in the white "Daily Pick Up Zone". Its Click & Collect Area is visibly integrated into the design concept. Transparent dummy boxes not only reflect the concept but also function as displays for goods. Clear graphic manuals and oversized letters on the shelves offer the multichannel shopper quick orientation when collecting his order and gives the store operator the advantage of a reduced inventory in a small area. In a playful way the typical Decathlon grid system is also cleverly incorporated, its flexibility utilising the reduced area where even the ceiling is used for product presentations

kplus konzept - Interior Design - Communication Design -Decathlon Connect Store - Stuttgart

Cash Desk

Individually designed cash desk and loyalty card furniture (including printer) are both attached to the grid and save space. Interactive screens provide additional product information and create a further connection to the digital world.

kplus konzept - Interior Design - Communication Design -Decathlon Connect Store - Stuttgart

Action Cube

Additional brand experience is provided by the Action Cube. This invites you to experience authentically the most popular sports disciplines – from snowboarding to dirt biking - by using Decathlon products. kplus konzept set all this, a fast-paced action-cam perspective with matching grooves, into a cinematic scene – just take a few steps up the ladder, poke your head into the mysterious cube, and you're right in the middle of it.

Like more?

Our graphic designers have developed a promising outlook on the upcoming store opening. The 3D interim visualization has given Decathlon the opportunity to use the shop window space for advertising with low budget. In general, 3D visualizations offer an exciting opportunity for retailers as well as real estate operators to pre-stage the future ambience or the assortment clustering of a property. Whether integrated digital animation - for example an interactive game in conjunction with the customer card - or simple advertising messages, there are no limits to the imagination and our creative know-how. Further exciting 3D motifs and solutions can be found here:

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