Cinema? Wow!

Storytelling for cinema operators

People love stories. The perfect place to tell them is the cinema. Decline of the movie theaters? Not at all. If we make them attractive enough again and are visionary!

A visit at the cinema is the perfect exit from everyday life. Finally turn off the smartphone. Replace the small laptop with the big screen. With a glass of sparkling wine. A kiss in the last row. Or, if it does not work with the heartthrob, forget the love affair with your best friend in the cinema. But to enjoy the whole wellness-package after a hard working week, it needs not only great film and state-of-the-art technology, but also a modern interior architecture with comfort, enough space, good visibility and fresh air, all embedded in a great creative story.

Magic, experience, community – high-tech

Cinemas are sacred places, they certainly provide redemption from everyday life. But their architecture is also sacred. Chandelier cinema that awakens the glamor of bygone times. There are also art house and multiplex cinemas with state-of-the-art technique. Whether it's about refurbishment or re-design, big & splendid or small & fine - our interior designers and brand communication experts tell your story as a cinema operator. With the right vision for your story, with color, light and material for all the senses and along the entire customer journey through your movie theater.

Magnificent boulevard

Think big about the new design: high ceilings, domes, sumptuous splendor, velvety curtains worthy of a huge theater, soft carpet feeling under the feet and, of course, comfortable, inviting armchairs with plenty of space in the screening room. A lighting design on the boulevard, which carries off into distant galaxies - like the moving images on the screen. Magnificent colors in purple and gold. Decorative wow! effects everywhere. A well-thought-out design at all touch points of the customers journey - from the website to the parking entrance, the reception and the catering area, from the restrooms to the exit and the goodbye message. A place to stay and enjoy, even before and after the screening.

Seductive variety in perfect structure

After the film is before the film!

Let us think further! A spacious cinema property, newly designed with perfect storytelling, can make a much more comprehensive use of its potential by transforming itself into a truly attractive destination with a wide range of offers, a luxurious wellness oasis with special highlights. A swimming pool on the roof invites you to a party in a warm summer night and selected stores for late night shopping. Merchandising articles also find their place here. The perfect ambiance to experience in the future also the latest Netflix or Amazon Originals perfectly, sensually, effectful on the big screen and in community.

Brand Design for Places & People

We design your brand, all around, and all from one single source. With dedication, empathy, passion and a high level of expertise. From name-finding to game and app design, 3D visualizations, professional photographic documentation (in our own studio) and corporate print design. From multi-sensory brand experiences to unmistakable store designs, future oriented shopping mall design and corporate architecture.

Please don't hesitate to call us for any further information: phone +49-211-695018-72 or mail to: We look forward to hearing from you!

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