Akropole Riga


Akropolis Group
Riga, Latvia
98,000 sqm
April 2019

International Signage

Signage: Akropole Riga, Leitsystem, universal Pictograms

The Akropolis Group demonstrated foresight when they decided to develop a comprehensive and coherent signage concept: A signage system that provides the customer with perfect orientation through the building from the first contact and that blends in visually and qualitatively seamlessly with the state-of-the-art statement of the center.

The Akropole Riga raises the bar: Riga has 700,000 inhabitants, the whole of Latvia just under two million, and the center has 98,000 square meters (plus almost 10,000 square meters high class offices) - The brand new shopping center in the capital of Latvia is a statement, and not just according to the local reading. The size requirements of the center alone call for outstanding positioning, which relies on corresponding suction and external effects, and on high customer frequency. As a guarantee of continued attractiveness, the real estate company Akropolis Group from Lithuania, which operates four centers in the Baltic States, relies on an extremely high design standard.

Signage: Akropole Riga, Leitsystem, universal Pictograms

Well oriented

The first step was to plan the type and scope of the signage system. Numerous different media such as ceiling and wall signs, information steles, general plans, toilet signs, lift displays and much more were required. A set of pictograms for non-verbal communication was developed for both analogue and digital applications.

Signage: Akropole Riga, Leitsystem, universal Pictograms
Signage: Akropole Riga, Leitsystem, Signs
Signage: Akropole Riga, Leitsystem, Piktogram

"For an excellent design concept it is important to think about every little detail, which means that even a pictogram should have its own identity and story. Together with kplus konzept we have created a great story and a unique visual identity for all signs in AKROPOLE – the most modern shopping and entertainment centre in Latvia."

Aija Stendzeniece, Marketing Manager, AKROPOLE Riga

Latvian Limelight

A year-round skating rink is integrated in the center of the mall - ice sports are popular sports and ice hockey is the most popular sport in Latvia. The design of the signage system inside the center was based on this passion for ice. The signposts in the form of inverted ice hockey sticks achieve a graceful, elegant effect. Corian as the material for the white elements reflects the color and texture of ice and, due to its high-quality appearance, picks up on the sophisticated equipment of the center.

Signage: Akropole Riga, Leitsystem, Signs


Pictograms serve as an ideal tool for easy non-verbal communication wherever an international audience is expected. A good, instantly recognizable sign system contributes to customer acceptance and sympathy. Especially in large properties with a lot of traffic, a functioning communication concept is part of the basic equipment. Anyone who feels well oriented and safe at all times, relaxes and feels comfortable.

Signage: Akropole Riga, Leitsystem, universal Pictograms

The different reading habits of different customer and target groups have to be taken into account in a center like Akropole. Digital screens and touchpads are up-to-date and changeable - while some older people will certainly feel more comfortable with the learned analog lettering.

Signage: Akropole Riga, Leitsystem, universal Pictograms
Signage: Akropole Riga, Leitsystem, universal Pictograms

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