Likeable media: Brochures for your real estate marketing

Brand names and corporate design for your property have been created with a lot of heart blood, now the story has just to be told and spread. Who can do better than a brochure? It is an important part of the customer journey and communication, imparts value, is a haptic experience and invites to interaction: it is taken back into the hand and passed on to friends. A well-made brochure stands for authenticity, quality and trustworthiness.

Depending on the prestige of the object, you can play with material and technical applications – special paper, hand-bound, depth embossing and color inlays for high-end apartments. High-quality slipcases with additional information, integrated scale-style stickers, with which potential buyers can try the future furnishing of the living room… many creative solutions are possible. In any case, photorealistic renderings illuminate your project from its best sides.

The slider pictures of our residential real estate project will show you all design details, from the name finding to the logo and claim to graphic elements and Typo. As individual as your property!


  • Date: 19. April 2017
  • Skills: Corporate Design for Real Estate
  • Client: various
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