“Bilder im Kopf” – new website for a good cause

Diversity in children’s and youth media, that is the concern of “Bilder im Kopf” (pictures in the head), a cooperation project of Diakonie Düsseldorf, the Caritasverband Düsseldorf and the federation of binational families and partnerships. The organization provides educational workers and multipliers of social and inclusive work information and assistance on the following topics: • Diversity in children’s and youth media •  a pedagogy conscious of prejudices • multilingual education, multilingual media and • antidiscrimination.

It was the challenge for our web designers to deal with the complex topics and questions on a website as clearly as and as attractive and user-friendly as possible. Also the numerous links and interactive offers were to be integrated nicely. All this in a graphical look, which in the form and picture language meets the topic “pictures in the head”. We have trained the responsible employees of the Diakonie in the content management of the website, so that they can now always publish up-to-date information themselves.

This was a nice project, many thanks to the Diakonie!

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