Bettina Kratz, nice to meet you!

Ms. Architect? Women have had a place in architecture for over 100 years, and yet even today they are often invisible behind their works. 
A current exhibition aims to further raise awareness of women in architecture, and Bettina Kratz, managing director of kplus konzept, is one of the 22 female architects portrayed in the exhibition called ‘Frau Architekt’ in Düsseldorf.

Historical and contemporary projects show the versatility of women architects today: skyscrapers, prestigious cultural buildings, exclusive artistic residential buildings, urban planning concepts, national garden shows, etc. are designed by women architects, but their focus is on residential construction.
This is why Bettina is almost an exotic among the women portrayed: one who has set her focus on the interior design of commercial properties such as shopping malls, retail, gastronomy and hotel concepts – represented at the exhibition by our project for the sports chain store Decathlon.

While their predecessors from the late Imperial period until the 1970s often acted in the shadow of their husbands, great architects or architectural offices, women architects today increasingly occupy leading positions in architectural offices, education and teaching. However, at present women still account for only 31 percent of the active profession.

Various top-class discussion groups that examine the topic from a psychological, feminist, journalistic and socio-political perspective, accompany the exhibition. Participation is possible after prior registration. The discussions will also be broadcast in the livestream. Further information can be found at

“Mrs. Architect. For over 100 years: Women in Architectural Professions” has been running since 12 August and will continue until 2 October 2020 in the Haus der Architekten at Zollhof 1 in Düsseldorf.
The exhibition is a cooperative project of Baukultur Nordrhein-Westfalen with the German Museum of Architecture and the Chamber of Architects of Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Due to Corona, registration is required to visit the exhibition.