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Christmas card 3.0

The annual kplus Christmas card is always good for a surprise. With our own photo studio on site our specialist colleagues could finally draw on abundant resources on this occasion: write the script, procure props, cast colleagues, stage the Studio, direct and edit the film and – roll it! Our Christmas greetings provides insight into the kplus […]


Shopping Experience Factory Outlet Center

There are 158 Outlet Centers in Europe, of which less than ten in Germany. Restrictive planning requirements as well as fear of new competition for the local retailers and destruction of established structures make life difficult to the operators in Germany. But now Germany is one of the most sought-after locations for outlet stores in […]


Shopping Choreography through Neuromarketing

kplus konzept cooperates in the multi-sensory staging of worlds of experience with various specialist partners. Armin Junge, CEO of the research institute Incore in Berlin gives us in this guest post a little insight into the possibilities of neuromarketing: Our understanding of the brain has increased exponentially over the last five years. The targeted use […]


Size doesn’t matter! FAMAB Award for stand design at EuroShop!

Extremely efficient and with great fun factor, we have drawn attention to our Euro Shop booth. “DISCOVER NEW SPACES” proved to be one of the biggest attractions in the world’s leading retail trade show in February 2014 in Düsseldorf – and by the way, on just 18 square meters! It is precisely this strong attention […]


What is an OLF?

Is it an Alien, the Ethiopian Oromo Liberation Front or perhaps the nickname of Rudolf? Well, an OLF is a unit used to measure the strength of an odour source. And what has kplus konzept got to do with it? In the multi-sensory interior design a suitable scent concept is an integral part. For the […]


Premiere for the emotionQube at gds trade fair

New York, Paris, Tokyo – and this in only one cubic metre! The multisensory Experience Box of kplus konzept attracted many visitors to the exhibition stand of the shoe manufacturer LOWA. Once climbed the ladder, they could experience in the Qube a cinematic journey around the world , being accompanied by the scent of natural freshness, […]


Unite inspiring artists with curiously minded listeners

Rough Trade NYC The over 10,000 square foot record store “Rough Trade” has opened in New York in November 2013 inside a former film prop warehouse, in addition to the two famous existing shops in London. Equipped with nooks and hanging headphones for CD sampling, the store serves as a meeting place for music enthusiasts […]



June led us to the Hotel Real Estate Congress in Berlin, where we liked in particular the trend of the themed hotels, whereas a presentation in the Stores Congress in Mainz arose another question. With a view to rapidly growing reservation and information possibilities in the Internet – will we still need stationery travel agents in the future? kplus konzept […]


It’s not a shop, it is a garden! Brooklyn Navy Yard

What an experience! The vegetable, herb and fruit garden, a spectacular viewpoint and at the same time an event location for fashion shows, beekeeping, yoga classes and cinema, is located on the 6,000 square meter roof of the skyscraper in the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard. Model for sustainable farming in urban industrial parks, native plants […]


Shopping experiences, Dakar

Need a new dress? Visit the Sandaga market in Dakar, select materials from all imaginable colours and patterns in hundreds of small shops, then go next door to one of the countless tailorings where, on two square meters with two machines, two tailors are sewing for all you’re worth. The boss consults in pattern desires, […]

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