board stories: a series of high end furniture -
all painted with chalkboard paint with an aluminum rail to hold chalk and sponge.
board: 1. a) flat surface on which something is written, painted or posted; b) a table, esp. to serve food on; 2. a sheet of wood for some specific purpose with or without marks for some special use e.g. chess board; 3. an official group of persons who direct or supervise some activity


The furniture of the board stories series provides a playful platform for a great many ideas and room for creativity: project planning in the morning, brainstorming at lunchtime, and in the evening we celebrate the successful pitch.

The world is changing, we are changing – and the furniture is changing with us.

Just earlier it was a conference table for intense discussions about work, and now it has been transformed into a dinner table. Yesterday the closet was in the kitchen with lists for the weekly shop, today the kids use it as a space for creative development. And just like that, the board stories furniture pieces go along with these changes, accompany us and tell their very own stories – a new story every day!


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