What is an OLF?

Is it an Alien, the Ethiopian Oromo Liberation Front or perhaps the nickname of Rudolf?

Well, an OLF is a unit used to measure the strength of an odour source.
And what has kplus konzept got to do with it?

In the multi-sensory interior design a suitable scent concept is an integral part. For the olfactory part, the Swiss specialist Air Creative supports us. Their CEO Beat Grossenbacher has, thankfully, recently held a stimulating lecture on OLFs and Co. as part of kplus Academy seminars.

‘Sniffing’ we tested the effects and learnt very much, e.g. that the visual sense, only to a small percentage, triggers a buying impulse. The emotion for a product or an environment is significantly influenced by the olfactory sense. So, if you focus on a nice interior design, but forget that the glaring light and stinking carpet glue are perceived as threatening, you have done something wrong. Studies have also proved that for the customer the aspect of cleanliness on the POS, closely associated with the room odour, is always of the most importance. Considering that buying decisions are made in the fitting  room, we also see that there is still much to do here in this sense.

‘Sniffing’ we also learned that different odours with the same OLF load are judged differently, e.g. coffee as pleasant, ammonia as unpleasant, but not only that: neurotransmitters influence our temperature sensitivity (peppermint makes us feel 2 degrees cooler, Cinnamon 1.7 degrees warmer!), without us perceiving any fragrance. Also, different colours can affect the appreciation of a fragrance. That means that for the design of a multi-sensory interior design, a fine tuning of all factors is required.  And in any case: Uncontrolled and uncoordinated stimuli that act on the customer have rather irritating effects or cause an “emotional hole” during the shopping process which prevents them from building up a relationship to the goods.

The more senses receiving the same information at the same time, the more intense the experience is!
This is what we are dealing with, too.

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