Design for Travel Retail – Jelmoli@ZRH

Travel retail with a perfect instore experience: For the renowned Swiss House of Brands Jelmoli, kplus konzept together with the Swiss architectural firm Ramseier & Associates Ltd. won the pitch for the flagship store at Zurich Airport Kloten.

High customer service, high entertainment and experience factor, orientation and convenience – these are the factors for the perfect contemporary shopping experience. They are the focus of our design concept at all touch points of the customer journey. The overall goal: to make the DNA of the brand palpable with all senses and across all available channels. A seamless shopping experience with state-of-the-art solutions and perfect integration of on- and offline.

Omnichannel Shopping

A traveller is on the move, and thus the traveling Jelmoli customer can use all available shopping channels outside of the shop in a particularly flexible and convenient way. Already on the plane the brand’s shopping experience starts: The Jelmoli App allows to reserve products, be it a favourite shirt or souvenir, and to pick it up at the airport store in the Click & Collect zone. Or order a non-stocked article in the shop via the shopping assistant’s mobile seller app and have it sent to the next Jelmoli store on the trip – or directly to the home address. Also in the locker room you can check the product availability, namely on the Virtual Mirror.

Multi-Mission Touchpoints

Already on the way from the terminal to the retail area, Jelmoli gets in touch with its customers: The Virtual Promotor recognizes the movements of passers-by, addresses them and invites them to interact by simple gestures. In the locker room, an interactive mirror (Virtual Mirror) facilitates the fitting and gets the matching products displayed on the mirror. The sales assistant can be requested via the support button on the mirror. One more instore high-end brand experience are the large LED screens in the store. Effectively they complete the ambience and take the customer into the Jelmoli brand world, e.g. with current campaign videos. In the Suisse E-Bike – Experience in the Sports World, the biker can experience the Swiss landscapes virtually with VR glasses on interactive pneumatic boards. Doing so, customer bonuses can be worked out or points can be collected for the customer card.

Exclusivity is a top priority at the Jelmoli store – VIP bar, lounge zone (of course with Wi-Fi and charging stations), personal advice from individual sales assistants … all these are integral parts of the brand experience. Waiting at the cashbox is no longer necessary – the sales assistant collects money using the small digital cash register module in the furniture, consisting of iPad, card reader and receipt printer. In the center of the store there is also a large cash register, which at the same time covers the functions customer information and Click & Collect zone. In the Customize Bar, the shopping traveller will find the personalization service, for the individual name print on the shirt or the engraving in the handbag.