Stylish place for pilgrims – inauguration of new public toilet at the Vatican

All roads lead to Rome. Also for our creative studio the time has now come. For CWS-boco, a leading provider of customized full-service hygiene solutions, kplus konzept contributed to the design of the public toilet at the Vatican, which was inaugurated earlier this month. Our management joint the event and was impressed.

Next stop: Roma San Pietro! At this Station near the Vatican pilgrims and tourists meet on their way to the Holy See. The visit will take a lot of time, and on certain days the believers have to wait for a while until the Pope appears on the balcony. Therefore it is only fair that all these people now have a really chic and always clean place to refresh themselves before and to do nature’s call. The equipment comes from CWS-Boco, our original design has fallen victim to some specifications for historic landmarks so that now the room is decorated with Roman travertine and gray walls. The entrance fee is one euro; it is provided by a collection of ten coupons to give a bonus – for example in the form of a rain cape – spent at a machine. The by wind and weather patient pilgrims will appreciate it!