Sparkling debut for kplus konzept as exhibitor at the EuroShop 2014

Our sparkling debut as exhibitor at the EuroShop: A five-day never ending stream of visitors from all over the world!

If you did not have the chance to experience it yourself: have a look here!

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The recipe for so much popularity? Arouse curiosity and create experiences that appeal to all the senses! “Discover New Spaces” was our motto for the interactive stand, which by way of three mysterious boxes only accessible by ladder, awakened the desire-to-discover in Retail experts. A few thousand people stuck their heads in the black/green/pink theme worlds which via their highly refined optical, olfactory, and acoustic effects, unleashed a surprising view of the sensual shopping experience of the future.

Word of this hype on our booth spread quickly and even those from distant halls wanted to visit us at least once and discover the mystery of the boxes. Some exhibitors wanted the boxes, just as they were, to use at the next fair, and also a request for an event from a Saudi royal was received. Our Multi-Sensory Staging: Perfect for a universally understandable expression of corporate values and visions with the highest efficiency in the smallest of spaces!

At the end the kplus-crew although hoarse and exhausted emerged happy and satisfied from the spectacular exhibition experience. With great enthusiasm we will now take care of the many requests from around the world!


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