Shopping experiences, Dakar

Need a new dress? Visit the Sandaga market in Dakar, select materials from all imaginable colours and patterns in hundreds of small shops, then go next door to one of the countless tailorings where, on two square meters with two machines, two tailors are sewing for all you’re worth. The boss consults in pattern desires, the tailor takes your measurements, and off you go. You can sit there and wait, being served with water and food, while watching the craftsmanship or the true hustle and bustle in the narrow aisles. At the end of this eventful spectacle you will not pay even ten euros for fabric and sewing and leave the place with an exceptional, tailor-made clothing of which you will always remember its origin.This interplay of different suppliers and service providers, the personal contribution and joy in the creative process – that is also available in the “MakerLabs” planned by kplus konzept, for instance here in the Open Space.

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What do we eat today? Variety and freshness, as it appears in the Art Nouveau Hall of the Kermel market in the center of Dakar cannot be beaten by Germany’s leading grocery chains: meat, fish, vegetables and fruit, lush, colorful selection in a compact arrangement according to varieties. Ready meals? No, Thank you! Sensual and fresh shopping experience is also made available by kplus konzept, see here: Fresh market in Höfe am Brühl

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Hairstyles – the recurring theme among African women who mostly prefer to renounce on their natural Afro. In compensation they have to spend many hours of braiding with the hairdresser. Making a virtue of necessity, the hairdresser visits the ladies at home – girl friends and more hairdressers join and so the mandatory date becomes a cozy gathering at which time passes in a flash. Goes well with kplus konzept, too: the design concept for the nail salon “Glammy Nails”, a cozy meeting place for trendy girls, feels just like at home!