Outside the Box: New thought patterns in the “New Normal“

COVID-19 accelerates many trends and reveals innovative methods. Four topics will lastingly change the trade and real estate economy from the view of kplus konzept. 

The Corona pandemic has unleashed amazing creative powers. This exceptional summer has made it clear that retailers, gastronomers, shopping malls, all adjacent service providers in business centers and the municipalities and city councils must work together to develop and implement new concepts for urban coexistence under changed circumstances as quickly as possible.

Urban Outdoor

The restaurant owner in Amsterdam, who entertains his guests in small greenhouses outside along the canals, inflatable igloos on a roof terrace at a Leipzig caterer, retailers who hold their assortments at outdoor market events. – Corona and the aerosols have reorganized our relationship to distance, privacy, protection, indoors and outdoors. Outdoor gastronomy will continue to play a major role, even in autumn and winter. Indoors and outdoors must be reassessed by retail, gastronomy and the construction industry. In every city center and real estate planning, urban outdoor space will be a central criterion for the quality of life and stay in the future.

Digital First – Retail as Service

The video consultation hour with your doctor, WhatsApp groups and local information chains on social media channels that provide information about new sources for scarce goods such as toilet paper and disposable gloves, or retailers with a flawless delivery service and personal services: For many consumers, it was a kind of survival training to seriously and extensively deal with the topic of  “online”, to use the digital tools in a goal-oriented way and to recognize and use their advantages. – The shift to “digital first” will be maintained and must always form the basis of any urban, real estate or usage planning. The stationary retail trade, which is still important in every city center, will in future expand its functions as a click and collect and service station. Consideration must be given to further processes that provide incentives for customers to make their way to them.

The big “Co-“

Open-air events, joint reciprocal contests and raffles and many other creative ideas that tradespeople have realized in the last few months in the local network: Many have discovered the value and efficiency of co-retailing, good networks and cooperation during the Corona pandemic. When retailers, gastronomes and service providers bundle their competencies, they become powerful. Solidarity and a new way of working together should be supported by appropriate planning.

Mobile & flexible

They have switched to food trucks, corner shop mobiles and market stalls, have developed delivery and personnel services and learned to use Instagram and Facebook for their personal purposes: During the Corona pandemic, many retailers and gastronomes demonstrated a strong talent for improvisation. Not to mention city councils: Within days, sections of streets were turned into pop-up bike paths that had previously been torn apart for years between public transport, neighborhood interests, car and bike lobbies. Increased flexibility, faster reaction and changeability will also be the value creation criteria of the real estate and planning industry in the future.

kplus konzept, the office for design, communication and interior design, is established in the real estate industry as a proven partner when innovative concept ideas for retail, mall, gastronomy or multi-use, refurbishments and modernization concepts are to be planned and realized. Based on systematic analyses and quality checks of the individual customer journeys of commercial properties, we create our market- and customer-oriented concepts. Pop-up stores and vacancy management, the integration of individual hygiene stations and advanced real estate marketing concepts are also part of our range of services. We also carry out the construction management during the implementation of plans (service levels LP 1-8).