Multisensory preview of the new shopping world in Mönchengladbach/Germany

Showroom opens for the planned shopping mall “Home of 5 Senses” in Mönchengladbach

Visitors to the Home of 5 Senses will be able to experience a new type of community in future.  The interior will take the form of a multisensory experience, featuring the aspects of ‘seeing, feeling hearing, smelling and tasting’. Since 28 April, the public and prospective tenants have been treated to a little ‘taste’ of the planned shopping world at the Mönchengladbach showroom of the European project developer mfi AG, where the interior design elements can be experienced first hand. The development and implementation of the showroom concept as well as the interior design of the arcades were developed by the creative studio of kplus konzept in Düsseldorf.

Designed to reflect the exterior façade, the information boards in the entrance area explain the architectural concept using a dynamic layout. Inside the showroom, the ‘façade highlights’ featuring original materials immediately catch the eye. They will shape the overall feel and space across all floors in the arcade. Via their materials and design, these façade highlights will promote interaction, simultaneously serving as striking eye-catchers and centres of attraction for the surrounding shops. The whole experience is additionally supported by special sound and scent designs. In the form of a love story, detailed interior views of the Home of 5 Senses are presented in an elaborate film animation, complete with an accompanying olfactory framework. While watching the animation, you can sit back and relax in seats from the former theatre. The community table from the ‘board stories’ series will spark your creativity as you doodle, sketch and discuss. Collages are used to display the materials used throughout the interior. The textures, colours and shapes are all dedicated to the theme of ‘feel at home’. As well as giving a visual impression to visitors of the showroom, the goal is to also give them a feel of the envisaged quarter – a place designed for relaxing at leisure, time and again.

VIP guest Mayor Norbert Bude sees the showroom as an essential part of the communication process with local residents. “The showroom stands for transparency and will pique the curiosity of the residents of Mönchengladbach, who until now have seen only a construction site in their city. They, too, will leave the showroom with the feeling of ‘I’m looking forward to this’,” says the Mayor.