“Little Giants” on the Roof of a Shopping Center

The former Karstadt storage area on the fifth floor of the “City Galerie Aschaffenburg” was to be converted into a kindergarten with outdoor space, that was the plan of Principal Real Estate and DI-Gruppe. kplus konzept conducted a feasibility study, took over the planning and managed the conversion of this project (Phase 1 to 8). On 1,020 sqm space for three kindergarten and two daycare groups with a total of 99 children could be created plus a terrace of about 700 sqm on the roof of the shopping center.

“Especially for shopping centers, which have had difficulties renting out their upper floors to retail not only since Corona, our project opens up completely new exciting solutions for this problem,” says Bettina Kratz, managing director of kplus konzept.

Photo: Oliver Blobel for DI-Gruppe