Kindergarten-Project attracts attention

Our innovative kindergarten project ‘Little Giants’, which we realized on the roof of the City Galerie Aschaffenburg on behalf of Principal Real Estate and the DI Group, received an above-average response and a great media echo.

Deal magazine mentions the “exemplary character” of the project and the online real estate magazine ‘Handels Immobilien Heute’ also ran a long story on the subject. Even the magazine of the Nuremberg Toy Fair picked up on the “inner-city project with exemplary character” and emphasized: “Some shopping centers have been struggling with vacant spaces for quite some time. A project by the architecture and design firm kplus konzept shows how these can be put to good use. …”

We are honored and grateful for the great consideration of our projects.
The fact that press works and that the trade magazines are also read in the industry is confirmed by the inquiries we have had from some large companies as a result of the articles. Of course, we can’t reveal names or details yet. Only this much: The real estate and retail industry is actively looking for new concepts to recharge the inner cities in a demand-oriented and emotional way. We are pleased to be able to contribute to this.

Links to the articles: