Living Room in the Ore Mountains – Kammgarn

In the heart of the Ore Mountains, where, in the winter, the traditional warm glowing arches adorn the windows of every house, the Shopping Center “Paletti Park” was built in Lugau in the 90s on a former site of a worsted spinning mill.

At first, the sales location was a single hall of pallets – hence the name – until the site gradually evolved to become a shopping center, which eventually opened its first gastronomy: the “Kammgarnstuben”.

With the aim of creating Lugau’s living room, kplus konzept has given the existing gastronomy a whole new look. What used to be a moderately frequented, small bistro, club room and restaurant in one, and was opened by the operator only to events, has now become an inviting place with regular opening times, where the Lugau inhabitants can feel perfectly at ease. All partitions have been removed so that the original three areas became one large but clear guestroom. A room divider visually divides the room into two zones still maintaining the necessary transparency; curtains are used as needed. The different zones give the guest comfort and a feeling of intimacy and not being alone. In the club room, groups can settle down at the long community table, while the cozy sofa in front of the fireplace spreads a cuddly atmosphere.