Minto | High Noon at kplus konzept

Only a few days left: – on March 26, the MINTO  (dialect for “mine”) will open in Mönchengladbach. About three years ago kplus konzept has been charged with the interior architectural design of the shopping center. Much creativity, expertise and passion have  flowed since that time from Dusseldorf to MINTO – and still flows until the opening ribbon is cut! It all began with the set-up of a multi-sensory showroom, which gave citizens a taste of the new shopping experience. Now, as the crowning conclusion approaches, our architects have moved for the final work into their local MINTO offices in the Lower Rhine , the graphic people put the finishing touches on the signage design, which will soon lead through the new heart of Mönchengladbach.

How the pioneering shopping in the new “Home of 5 Senses” feels like any prospective visitor can test out live very soon. It will be an exciting discovery tour: five multi-storey and multi-sensory so-called “Highlight Facades”, a food court “Meet & Eat” shaped like the room of a dwelling and a customer journey full of design highlights. From the car park to the stores, from the welcome desk to the elevators, from the rest areas to the luxurious family and gentlemen’s club washrooms, always accompanied by an aesthetic and clear signage – on the graphs of on the walls as well as on all boards, ceiling signs, pictograms, totems and pillars inside and outside the mall. A leisure space for relaxation and enjoyment has been created, very different from the shopping centers of the past where the customers were just whisked through.

The design of the complete customer journey – all from one single source, all made by kplus konzept!