Fritzi Bur in interior fashion: Storytelling through interior design illustrates the topic of storytelling with an article about our vacation apartment Fritzi Bur, one of the four apartments of Weingarten 1897:

Bettina and Markus Kratz design rooms that tell stories in their guesthouse on the Moselle. Just recently finished is the apartment “Fritzi Bur”.

Haus Weingarten 1897 on the Moselle sees itself as a vacation resort for friends of unconventional minimalism. The former winegrower’s house is located at the foot of the vineyard “Himmelreich” and was carefully renovated for its opening in 2019. With the apartment “Fritzi Bur” the last of the four guest apartments is now completed.

Apartment Fritzi Bur is the smallest of the four vacation apartments in Haus Weingarten 1897. As with the entire house, much of the historic building fabric was preserved and integrated into the new interior concept. The retro charm of the house has been preserved and is now to be combined with an urban spirit to attract new, even atypical target groups to the Mosel region. The overall concept of the interior, which won the German Design Award, was created by interior designer Bettina Kratz and communication designer Markus Kratz.

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